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Dear readers, Junk food can cause more and more bateraus in the body therefore you will be crushed if you don't stop eating junk food our world will be distroded that was Albert Ensteins thery from: ?????

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What is the ratio of packed cell volume to hemoglobin for male and female?

Ratio of PVC to Hb in the healthy male subject is 3 and in the healthy female subject is 3.14

What is a good sentence for the word 'ratio'?

After enough years the ratio of survival of everything will turn to zero.

What is the ideal cholesterol ratio for a healthy adult?

The ideal cholesterol ratio for a healthy adult is 60 mg/dL and above. If it is lower than that you are at risk for heart trouble. If your bad cholesterol is above 160 mg/dL your in trouble.

What ratio is obtained when platinum foxes are interbred?

Not enough information...

What is Healthy height to weight ratio for women?

Most of the time there isn't a healthy weight for ALLwomen, you should go see a doctor every year or something, and ask your doctor if your at a healthy weight and if not, what is a healthy diet.

What is the ratio of hematocrit to hemoglobin in a healthy adult?

12.5g/dl hemoglobin what would the hematocrit be

If a women weighs 105 and she is 5'2 is that not healthy?

Healthy is not a height to weight ratio. Healthy is eating healthy foods; fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, healthy proteins. Healthy is someone who exersizes daily for atleast 30 minutes. Feeling healthy and being healthy are two different things. Being a small size does not equally healthy.

What is the ratio of the area of a rhombus to the area of a rectangle?

Not enough information given

Why is squash good for you?

because it has lots of vitamins and a good ratio of healthy carbohydrates:fiber if you eat the skin

What does a healthy body composition look like?

I heard once Dr OZ said that: the less size of your waist the more healthy you are ! To find out you can measure your waist/hip ratio. For women the waist/hip ratio should be < 0,8 and for men it should be < 1,0.

How how do you find the ratio of an area?

The question is not specific enough for a sensible answer. It could refer to the ratio of the area of the shape to its perimeter or depending on its shape, the ratio of the area to the length of one or more of its sides.

What is the current Kill Ratio in Iraq Mar08 4000 coalition are dead how many has the otherside lost?

its simple what the kill ratio is,,NOT ENOUGH OBVIOUSLY !!!!!

What is cash flow adequacy ratio?

Cash Flow Adequacy Ratio is the performance measure of cash sufficiency. It shows whether the company has enough cash to meet its expenses. A ratio of less than one means they don't have enough cash, and above one means their cash flow is sufficient.

Is negative 24 an irrational number?

Negative 24 is the ratio of -24 to 1, and also the ratio of 24 to -1, and also the ratio of -48 to 2, and also the ratio of 48 to -2, and also the ratio of -792 to 33. Any one of these would be enough to demonstrate that it's a rational number.

What does a cell's surface area to volume ratio affect?

the cell's ability to feed enough

What is the Ratio of horse lifespan to human lifespan?

It really depends. Like a human can live up to 100 if they are healthy and a horse can live up to 51 years if they are healthy! So it depends.

What exactly is cholesterol ratio?

Your LDL Cholesterol Level should be at about 80-100. This is a good number for a healthy patient and will keep you healthy. If you stay at this level, you will probably not have any heart attacks.

Is -0.563 an irrational number?

-0.563 is the ratio of -563 to 1,000, and also the ratio of 1,126 to -2,000, and alsothe ratio of -2,815 to 5,000, and also the ratio of -3,941 to 7,000, and also an infinitenumber of other ratios of whole numbers. Any one of them is enough to prove that-0.563 is rational.

Is it healthy to get a six pack when your 12?

I know people that my age that have a "6 pack" but can't do 20 crunches. My advice to you would be to just try and live healthy. o get a six pack, its really simple, eat very small amounts of calories and work out hard at the gym everyday... (obvoiusly eat enough to survive on) the ratio is 80% diet, 10% gym 10% determination and commitment!

What vitamins do stallions need?

Stallions, like all other horses, must have a balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals in their diet to stay healthy.

Ratio of men to women in Canada?

The ratio of men to women in Canada is 10.98658752343545423111111000000 to1. This ratio was discovered by a guy at a bar when he looked around after drinking a couple of beers and realized there was not enough girls in the bar and thus started his mathematical search for an answer. TH|IS CALLS FOR A BUDDDDDD LIGHT

Other than kilocalories what information is important in determining whether or not you are consuming a healthy diet?

Calories are the most important aspect of losing weight. However, the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are also very important for a healthy diet.

What is the gear ratio for a 1983 Toyota 4x4?

4.11 I believe. Good enough to roll 31's on stock 22r.

What is the significance of maintaining ideal ratio of weight to height?

People who stay close to the ideal height/weight ratio have a better chance of remaining healthy into Old age. They don't get diabetic, they avoid heart disease, their knees and hips last longer.

What is nomal sugar ratio in human body?

Varies. In blood, for a healthy human, glucose is about 70 to 100 mg/dL, provided they haven't recently eaten.

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