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K-12 is the education format followed in US. K-12 education is provided online by various online schools and homeschooling. An organization called K-12 online/ K-12 Inc provides K-12 education online but is not free, it is a private organization and charges for providing K-12 education.

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Q: Is k12 online school free
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How does K12 stay a free option for families?

The online school program K12 offers tuition free online public school. K12 partners with public schools and offers a flexible learning program, online and offline course work, extracurricular activities. They also sometimes offer a free computer, printer or internet access.

Are k12 online school's diplomas valid to get a job just like a high school diploma?

K12 online school diplomas are only valid when they come from an accredited home school program.

What is the cost of materials for homeschool in Missouri?

Sometimes homeschooling through is free, depending on what school district you live in. K12 is online and has more advanced lessons than public schools.

Can you teach homeschool cheap?

Definently! School can be done online for free at! All of the curriculum is supplied. Also, there are books at the library that you can use.

What is Student K-12?

A student at K12 is a student on a online public school.

Can i enroll my child in school online?

yes...............if you do K12. OHVA. the Ohio virtal academy

What is the fastest way to do k12?

K12 is a newer website that allows a child to do online public schooling. Since it is online the school is done from home, but since it is still through the public school system, it is not really homeschooling because the parent is not the only teacher, this means that K12 will not be completed much faster than if a child were attend an actual school.

How much does k12 cost?

K12 is an online tuition FREE school for grades kindergarten-12th grade! I am in the 7th grade online school this year. This is my first year in an Online Homeschooling program. K12 will ask you some questions in the beginning, it takes at least 2 weeks for them to accept or decline you in the Online school. K12 program will ask for things like a birth certificate to send to them a list of your grades from the school you are coming from if it is a public school. I think i have gotten smarter since i joined the K12 program! if you try this Online school out i think you will be very impressed! They have a virtual classroom you will log onto daily for different subjects. On Friday all you have are lessons there are no "class connect" as they call it! It is a WONDERFUL school for being a virtual school and teaching not face to face but online. They have what you call K-mail which is the school e-mail that you can email your teachers to get information and they can help you with questions! I would recommend this to anyone who would like to try an Online School for Homeschooling and your parents do not need to stand over your shoulder! Also they will pay $9.95 for the Internet connection. They also will send you a printer, computer and ink if you need it. You also get all your books you need for free! NO PAYMENT!!! Which is one of the best things for people who aren't rich and need to save money!

Is k12 free?

Yes the K12 program is free and there is no tuition costs unless you chose the private school program and just like any school you have to pay for book report books, but you can just get them at the library

Is k-12 for free?

My daughter goes to a k12 'powered' school, I suppose you could call it. Yes, it is tuition free, and you get all of the materials for free as well. If you are just ordering the course packages straight from k12, then I don't know. Hope this helps!

What schools can you go to?

for home schools (online schools for elementary, middle, and/or high school) there is IQ Academy, and K12.

How does a person naturalized?

k12 online classes

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