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Katy does not have a son.

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Is Gabe off Good Luck Charlie Katy Perry brother?

no gabe off of good luck charllie is not katy perrys brother

Is it a boy or girl for good luck charile?

i just no its a boy it got to be!

Is good luck charile a good tv show?

yes,and bradley steven perry is so cute

Who is charile from Good Luck Charlie dating?

Who is Charlie dating?Nobody... she's 2.

Did good luck charile end?

No,Good Luck Charlie did NOT end.The thrid season should air in late March (early April).

Where do they film Good Luck Charile?

They film Good Luck Charlie in Los Angeles though it is supposed to take place in Denver Colorado

What are the lyrics to good luck charile theme song?

the title is hang in there baby sung by bridget mendler

When will they release the chyna parks doll?

In Oct. 2012 with Teddy from Good Luck Charile . Go to disneyvip.com

Why is trhere a baby vote on Good Luck Charlie?

because in the good luck charile it's Christmas movie amy revels she is pregnant and then they want the fans to name the baby

What skylar on good luck charile real name in real life?

Her name is Samantha Joann Boscarino and is 17

Who is Toby good luck charile?

toby little brother of charile gabe pj and teddy also son of amy and bob he grandson of linda/glinnes and frank and toby will also be in season 4 of good luck charile and gonna be a toddler charle jolus of toby when she came gabe did t like it sice she came he been so bad and that toby he also brother in law in futre to spicer

What is Amy duncan real name of good luck charile?

Amy Duncans real name is Leigh Allyn Baker.

Is Katy Perry on kik messenger on iPhone?

Katy Perry's username is "katyperry", but good luck talking to her!

Does any good luck charile stars smoke?

Yes Jason dolly does and bridget mender do and have been seen drinking together

Who is teddy best friend on good luck charile?

On Good Luck Charlie, Teddy's best friend is Ivy. She is not in every episode and isn't a main character, but is the friend of Teddy's that shows up the most :)

How old is charile off of Good Luck Charlie?

Charlie is played by Mia Talerico and she is 3 years old(September 17, 2008)

Is gabe off of Good Luck Charlie katt perry son?

Is Gabe from good luck charlie Katy perry son

Is Katie Perry's little brother on Good Luck Charlie?

Yes Katy perry's little brother, Bradley steven perry in Good Luck Charlie.

Is Katy Perry related to gabe off of Good Luck Charlie in any way?

No Katy Perry's real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

What is Amy Duncan from good luck charile going to name her son?

We dont know that yet though they said at christams 2011 we were going to find out later this year and it is now June 2012!

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