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The keel is a bone in the middle of the chicken breast. It should not be served as a meal, but is acceptable for use in the making of stock.


There is white meat on the keel.


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A chicken drunstick can be dark or white meat.

the muscle in the chicken that moves more is dark meat

Chicken rib meat is white meat.

Chicken is classed as white meat.

Chicken thighs are considered 'dark meat' as it the meat appears darker and of a different texture to the breast, which is considered 'light meat'.

Chicken legs (drumsticks, thighs) and backs are dark meat. Chicken breasts and wings are white meat.

You can use either white or dark meat when preparing chicken soup. The dark meat has a little more flavor than the white meat.

Chicken thighs are considered dark meat.

There are 64 calories in two ounces of roasted dark meat chicken.

Both. There is white meat on the breast sections and dark meat on the drum sticks.

Leg meat of a chicken is dark, not red. Red meat comes from cows.

eggs,white meat,and dark meat... chicken meat that is.

In most chickens it is white meat.

Along with the thigh, legs are definitely considered dark meat.

All but the breast of the chicken is dark meat. It may or may not be cheaper to buy only the breast, depending on individual store prices and quality of the meat, but it would save having to throw the dark meat out. If you only want white meat, you probably should purchase breasts.

Chicken legs are considered dark meat due to the activity done by the cicken. Chickens used their legst to do major activities such as running or walking, therefore muscles in their legs make the meat become dark meat.

No. Thighs & drumsticks are considered "dark" meat

White meat cooks faster than dark meat when you are making chicken. Dark meat has more fat and this is why it takes longer to cook.

I know drumsticks are dark meat, but I'm not sure what else... I also now the breast and wings are white meat (so not dark).

The 'dark meat' (e.g. leg) of chicken is a different type of muscle to the 'white meat' (e.g. breast) and contains a higher proportion of myoglobin which turns dark when cooked.

The white meat on a chicken is the breast and the tenderloin. Legs and wings are considered 'dark' meat.

The difference between white and dark meat in a chicken or turkey is that the dark meat muscles move more rapidly (running) and the white meat muscles move more slowly. The dark meat has more myoglobin so the muscles can allow the chicken or turkey to run further and longer. The white meat has less because they only need a small amount of myoglobin for short bursts of energy.

white meat has less fat in it because it comes from an animal that doesnt eat much meat.

The chickens hindquarters are usually the dark part and the chicken. The chickens wings, drumstick + the breat are the white meat.

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