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Is kyle busch gay?



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It just came out Thursday Night of Mar 25, 2010 that Kyle Busch is finally out. A paparazzi claimed to have taken a picture of Mr. Busch without his girlfriend on his arm and fondling an unknown male acquantaince in a North Carolina bar late Thursday night. It was an invitation only party but somehow an unknown critic of the NASCAR driver got into the party without notice. He snapped a picture of the loving pair and the camera waas quickly intercepted by Busch's bodyguards. The reporter told In Touch magazine that the new man in Busch's life is a very dark-skinned, long haired, good looking male. Another man outside the bar said the mystery man's name is Howie. No one knows what is to come of this pair, but we are sure, just as in the case of Tiger Woods, Busch will have to come out and face the cameras...This is not the last of the winning driver!