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Q: Is lady be a leader
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Who is Paris' government leader?

a Governor lady

Who is the recent leader of Burkina Faso?

lady agusta Ada king

Is a lady suitable for a leader?

Yes, definitely, women are suitable as leaders!

Who was the leader of the suffragettes?

the leaders name was a lady called emmeline parkhurst

Mikhail Gorbachev called what British leader the Iron Lady?

Margaret Thatcher

What world leader was nicknamed The Iron Lady?

Margaret Thatcher (most famously)

What position was Eva Peron?

First lady of Argentina nad spirit leader of the nation

Who is the first lady that was the leader in setting style and fashions during the sixties?

helen hayes

Lady Macbeth's understanding of her husbands character?

Lady Macbeth believes that her husband is weak and indecisive. She does not think he has the right character to become a leader without her help.

Where fly in Pokemon Silver version?

1. Go to Cianwood City. 2. Defeat Pryce the gym leader. 3. Talk to the lady outside the gym. 4. She will give you HM 02 Fly. After you defeat gym leader leader Pryce talk to the lady standing outside the gym and she will give you HM 02 Fly.

Why did Lady Jane Grey get the throne before Mary?

Because there was a group of people that wanted a Protestant leader and not a catholic, so they put lady jane grey on the throne

What is a Lady Smith gun?

In the late 1980s Smith and Wesson became a leader in the emerging market for handguns designed especially for women, with the Lady Smith. The Lady Smith was a .357 Magnum with a grip and trigger mechanism designed for smaller hands.

Where can you find hm fly in crystal?

Once you beat the gym leader on cianwood city, speak to the lady outside

What do you do after you get hm fly in Pokemon HeartGold?

After you beat the 5th gym leader, some random lady outside of it gives it to you.

Fly in gold?

Defeat the Cianwood city gym leader, then talk to a lady outside the gym and talk to her. She'll give you HM02 (Fly) and if you try asking BEFORE you beat the gym leader she'll not give it to you then, but once you defeat the gym leader.

Why wont the lady in celadon city give you the tea?

Either you already have it (it's a key item), or you have to beat the gym leader.

Were do you get the squitabottle on Pokemon Gold?

after you beat the gym leader at goldenrod city go to the flower shop next to it the lady will give it to you

In grease 2 what is the name of the main pink lady?

The leader of the Pink Ladies was Stephanie Zinone who was portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Where can you find the squrit bottle on Pokemon silver if you asked before you killed the gym leader?

Once you beat the gym leader, try talking to the lady again, and see if she gives you the squirt bottle. If she doesn't, go north to where the Sudowoodo is blocking the road. Talk to it, and then go back to the lady and she should then give you the squirt bottle.

How do you make the hearthome city gym leader be there?

To make fantina (hearthormes gym Leader) appear you have to get the hm surf before you challenge the gym leader. To get the hm you have to go to celistec town and talk to a old lady and she says to battle a galactic guy and you have to go in the ruin and she will go in to and she will give you the hm and the gym leader will appear.

How do you get a torchic in platinum?

go to sunshore city ask the lady at the counter were the poke ball capsule seals are then beat 8th gym leader ask the lady again and go to nearest grass.[lvl 10].

Were do you find fly in Pokemon Silver?

surf to cianwood city, defeat the gym leader and then talk to the lady standing outside of the gym

Where to find waterfall on Pokemon platinum?

after beating the 8th gym leader go to the beach and the lady will give you the HM 7 waterfall

Where do you get the HM waterfall in pokemon Diamond?

once you beat the last gym leader go out onto the beach at Sunnyshore City and a lady will give it to you.

How do i get FLY in Pokemon shiny gold?

After you beat the Gym Leader in Cianwood, talk to the lady outside the gym and I do believe she gives you HM02(Fly).