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Yes, Lake Balaton, located in Hungary, is a freshwater lake. It is 48 miles in length, and has an average depth of 10 feet.

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What is the area of Lake Balaton?

The area of Lake Balaton is 592 square kilometers.

Which is the largest lake in the world?

Lake Baikal has the most water in it...Balaton in Hungary the Caspian Sea

Where is Lake Balaton?

In Hungary

Is lake balaton a salt lake?

No! Lake Balaton is not salty! It has a unique water texture, very silky, smooth, similar feeling as soapy water has. It is worth the trip alone, not to mention the food! :) Also the shore is amazing, the trees and the grass is just the perfect set up for a lake vacation!

Where is Lake Balaton in Europe?


What is the Biggest lake in europa?


What is a fresh water lake?

a lake of fresh water.

Is lake titicaca a salt water lake or fresh water lake?

fresh water

Is lake Ontario salt or fresh water lake?

Lake Ontario is a fresh water lake - although maybe we should say a polluted fresh water lake.

Is Lake Victoria a fresh water lake?

i think it has fresh water

Is Lake Michigan salt or fresh water?

Lake Michigan is fresh water.

The lake situated to the south west of budapest?


What Seas are in Hungary?

There are no seas. The biggest lake is Balaton.

Does Shasta Lake have fresh water?

It is the third largest California Lake and yes it is a fresh water lake.

What is the largest fresh water lake in Israel?

Isael's largest fresh water lake is lake Tiberias

Is their sharks in Lake Tahoe?

Sharks live in salt water, not fresh water. Lake Tahoe is a fresh water lake.

Is lake Superior the largest salt water lake?

Lake Superior is the largest FRESH WATER lake.

Can a shark be in a lake with no ocean or river connected to it?

well it can die if its a salt water shark in a fresh water lake, but if its a fresh water shark and its in a fresh water lake it will live.

Which holds more fresh water Lake Superior or Lake Victoria?

Lake Superior is the world's largest fresh water lake

What body of water is Hungary located at?

Lake Balaton is located in Hungary. However, Hungary is not 'located on a body of water'; in fact, it is a landlocked country.

Gibt es Und Nächstes Jahr Am Balaton auf DVD?

This means: Next year will there be Lake Balaton available on DVD?

What is the distance between Vienna and Lake Balaton?

160 miles

The largest fresh water lake in north America?

Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake in North America.

Is Lake Ontario fresh water or salt water?

Fresh water

Is Lake Washington fresh water or salt water?

Fresh water

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