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Yes, Lana Lang is in Season 7 of Smallville.

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Q: Is lana lang in season 7 Smallville?
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Does lana lang die in season 7 of Smallville?


Does lana lang die in Smallville season 7?

no. She leaves Smallville for good.

Does Lana Lang die in season 6 of Smallville?

lana lang never dies on smallville season 6 she dies on season 7 on episode 1 bizzaro mother

Smallville season 7 do lana die?


Did lana lang gett fired from Smallville?

No, Kristin Kreuk, the actress that plays Lana Lang on Smallville was not fired. Her contract was expiring and she elected to not to renew it so they had her leave early during Season 7 so that they could bring back the Lana character for a few episodes in Season 8.

What happen to lana lang in season 7 Smallville is she die?

Lana Lang survives to adulthood in the comic-book canon, she is deservedly in a sen se , Superman"s first love, as he knew her long before he ran into Lois on the Planet. In effect Lana Lang and Superman were high-school sweethearts. She appears as an adult love=interest in both Superman and Lois Lane comic books, One would imagine the Smallville show would follow suit.

Smallville season 7 release date?

Smallville season 7 started on September 27, 2007.

When does Smallville season 7 come out on DVD in Australia?

smallville season 7 comes out on DVD on the 3rd of march 2009

In Smallville season 7 is Cloe dead?

no but in season 10 she is

Is Smallville season 7 out yet?

Not yet

In season 7 of Smallville does lana die?

No, she does not die in season 7. For all we know she is still in that coma caused by Brainiac. Maybe in the next season she dies... maybe not. IN the end of the season we see Kara feeling a sort of pain in her head. Might be Brainiac surviving within her...

Where does Lana Lang go in season 7?

We only find out where she truly goes in Season 8. Episode Power. They make it look like she leaves on her own will, but really Lex is all behind it.

When does the next season for Smallville come out?

September 7

When will season 7 start on rte in Ireland?

Smallville already is on Season 10.

When will Smallville season 7 be on DVD?

Season 7 of Smallville should already be out on DVD but it might be hard to find. The season 7 DVD set might only be in the seasons 1-7 or seasons 1-8 pack.

In what seoson does Clark Kent and lana break up in?

Clark and Lana broke up in Season 5 as well as Season 7.

When does Smallville season 7 come out in the UK?

Season 7 starts on Tuesday 27th May on E4

When will Season 7 for Smallville be released?

September 9, 2008

Is Michael rosenbaum leaving Smallville after season 7?


When does Smallville season 7 come back?

next week

When is Season 7 of Smallville coming out to buy?

September 9.

When does Smallville season 7 come out on DVD?

Season seven of Smallville will start on September 27, 2007 airing on CW networks at 8pm EST. SOURCE:;dropdown;6

Does lana ever come back after season 7?


Will clark ever see lana again after season 7?


Why is there only 20 episodes in the 7th season of Smallville?

The season was shortened to 20 episodes due to the writer's strike that occurred during the production of Season 7 of Smallville.