Is landlord insurance a reliable insurance company?


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Landlord insurance is not an insurance company. It is a type of insurance that covers a owner of a rental property from damages that may occur to their property.


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Landlord insurance will differ state to state, so check the site of your insurance company or call them for recommendations for a local company who offer landlord insurance

Yes, Peerless Insurance seems to be a reliable insurance company and not one of the many insurance scams that plagues the insurance scene. Good luck!

"After doing some online reading of reviews and ratings for the Lincoln Insurance Company, I have determined that people do consider them to be a reliable company."

Humana is a reliable insurance company. I would check your options more before deciding to switch. Progressive, and state farm are reliable as well. View a reliable price for what you need in insurance to best suit your needs.

You can learn about landlord insurance from your local insurance company. Check your local yellow pages for Real Estate Insurance and get quotes for the best deals in your area.

It is a matter of opinion where Saga Insurance is a reliable company or not. If you are concerned though you can contact your state's Insurance Commissioner to inquiry if there has been a multitide of complaints.

If someone wants to get landlord liability insurance then they can contact their normal house insurance company. Large companies such as Aviva and Cornell will do landlord policies and it is a good idea for any landlord to be fully insured.

Star Health Insurance is a reliable insurance company because they cover all your needs. They also compete with other companies to keep your rates low.

Allstate is a great, reliable, and affordable insurance company. GIO is another insurance company that a person can switch to. However, you have to keep in mind that this is an Australian based company. They offer car, home, travel, life, and business insurances. They also offer workers comp. It seems to be a reliable company as it has been around since 1927.

Yes, Legal & General is an insurance company. They offer life, home, landlord, lifestyle cover, and pet insurance.

"First Acceptance Insurance company is reliable. They've been serving insurance since 1995, and have hundreds of millions of dollars of assets. They integrity of this company can be seen throughout the professionalism of their customer service and accessibility."

Cis insurance is now Co-operative insurance. This insurance company is not registered with the better business bureau and has no documented history of reliability.

Landlord Property Insurance is insurance that a landlord should have on any properties that he or she owns. Landlord insurance will protect the landlord from any damage that may happen to the property as well as any liability claims that may be made against the Landlord.

You can go to to check out the profile of the company to determine whether it is reliable.

I dont know much about Aon insurance from news reports they are a reliable insurance company. They do offer discount to other insurance companies,bankers and brokers.

Allstate is a well-known company, but that doesn't make it reliable. There is an insurance comparison website which would be most helpful. Also, always check reviews and also friends and family for recommendations.

There are different landlord insurances depending on where you live. I would recommend going to multiple insurance companies and asking for their rates. Then choose who has the best deals.

There are many insurance providers which can provide landlord insurance. You can find some information online at or

No, titan auto insurance may have problems being a reliable company. According to the better buisness buearu they have a poor rating. This should be taken in to consideration on their reliability.

Most likely, a person can find reliable life insurance company in their area through careful comparison of the different life insurance services. There is also a website called "iSelect" where one can compare the different services of life insurance company to help a person decide to choose a life insurance company.

Your Insurance Company is required by law to provide a copy of insurance policy at renewal time to your mortgage company and to notify them of any endorsements or changes in coverage. They may Notice it if they review your policy.

Yes, they are reliable and popular for an insurance company. Signing with them is a personal choice you will make once you look over the policy and coverage they offer.

Yes, Safeco Insurance is a very reliable company. They have been in operation for quite some time now which is a reassurance to their customers. In addition to this, you can get additional information regarding this company if you are interested, by contacting the Better Business Bureau in your particular country.

"AAMI Insurance is available for Australian residents. This insurance company also offers other types of insurance including travel, life, home, and landlord insurance."

Information concerning low cost landlord insurance can be obtained from websites on the internet that happen to have landlord insurance info. Landlord insurance can also be found from local businesses.

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