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Is leaking breast milk a symptom of pregnancy?


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2010-07-19 04:29:12
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  • It's possible. Hormonal changes from pregnancy can do strange things... I hadn't even started to show when my milk (actually, the clear to white pre-milk substance, colostrum) came in for the first time - during sex. However, taking a pregnancy test is the only real way to know for sure.
  • When I was almost 17, I had the same (lactating). I had never been pregnant. I never had regular periods so I was on on b/c to regulate them. Anyway, the symptoms I was having (Lactating) was not normal so my gyno ordered me to get an MRI of the head. They discovered a large benign tumor on my "pituitary gland"(behind your eyes at the base of your brain).Which is referred to as "master gland" it controls all other glands (thyroid, etc.)and all hormones including Prolactin which produces the milk discharge.

    Now I'm 22 and 15 weeks' pregnant with my first babe. I've never had the discharge since they treated the tumor. Don't worry (I could be wrong!) but ask your OB/Gyn about it; he or she can check your blood for the levels or get you a painless MRI (similar to Cat scan). Squeezing your breast causes it to keep producing more, so try not to.

  • My friend had the leaking thing too... and she has it every morning. I too have it: when I press my nipples, out comes the white stuff. And we are both pregnant.
  • I also have the tumor on my pituitary gland. This causes your body to think it is preggers, so it starts to produce milk in your breasts. I had it since I was in high school, but I didn't know it was abnormal for my breasts to do that if I squeezed them. I finally asked about it when I was about 21, and they did an MRI to show that I had a tumor. All I do is take meds for it, and the meds have actually lowered my levels and have shrunk the tumor. They said in a year I may stop taking it all together and the tumor may be gone. But I would get it checked out. That would be best.
  • That's definitely not breast milk. Breast milk doesn't even come out of the nipples during the last stages of pregnancy... until a couple days after you have a baby. You are probably lactating due to an overload of estrogen in the body.
    • That is not true; women do leak in the latter stages of pregnancy. But it is in fact called colostrum which is a very protein-filled and nutrient rich form of milk. The body continues to leak it until a few days after the baby is born, and in fact when you are breastfeeding your estrogen levels are lower so leaking milk is not necessarily a sign of high estrogen levels! Like the other answers have mentioned prolactin (the hormone that causes you to produce milk) is regulated by the pituitary gland, and the removal of milk by the baby. If you are leaking milk and are not pregnant then you should definitely have it checked out by a doctor because it could indicate a pituitary problem.
  • I was leaking with my first girl at 6 months pregnant. about 5 months with my second girl.

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It can be, but its not always the reason for it.

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as early in your 8th month pregnancy milk will starts leaking in your breast .

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No its hormones. If you're pregnant the body releases the hormones to increase the breast milk to feed a baby.

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whats wrong with me I'm on my period and milk leaking out my breast

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Hello. Your breasts could be leaking milk because you are pregnant or because you have a milk duct infection. Do a pregnancy test. If its negative see your doctor about the breast leakage.

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