Is leaking when it rains a problem with dome homes?

I just got a dome home that was built in 1984, the house was a repo. We got it for what we feel was a great deal. The only water problems that we have seen is the 3 skylites have leaks around them. Now that does not scare us because some of our friends have reg. homes with skylites that leak at times. We cant wait to move in in about 2 months. So we hope that once we redo the skylites we should be good to go. We live in northeast Ohio so we get every kind of weather, and with saying that we mean " the house is 21 years old and is showing no signs of water problems so it must be ok to be in a dome". thanks...

AnswerLeaking when it rains should not occur with domes anymore than with any other type of home. If there is a problem with dome roofs, it's that few roofers really understand how to properly install the roofing material. The two geodesics that I have built were roofed by a man who specializes in roofing domes and his roofs do not leak. A lot of his work throughout the nation is reroofing domes that were poorly roofed initially.

Another problem area is skylights, which, if properly flashed and are of good quality, should not leak. I will only install Velux or Crystalite skylites because, when properly installed, I can sleep at night without worry about call backs. Some of the "bubble" skylights incorporated with dome kits are notoriously unreliable.