Lemon and Lime Juice

Is lemon juice an acid because it is sour?


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Lemon juice is acidic as it contains citric acid

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Lemon juice have just the juice of lemon and cirtic acid, which is sharp tasting crystalline acid presenten in the juice of lemon and other sour fruits

No. Lemon juice does contain Citric Acid though. Citric Acid is a natural preservative and has a sour taste

i would say that maybe lemon juice because i is the most sour?

Lemon juice is the sour liquid from a lemon. It is considered a acid and is used often in cleaning due to that.

Lemon has a higher concentration of Citric acid that is why it is more sour.

Citric acid. The juice of the lemon is about 5% to 6% citric acid, which gives lemons a sour taste.

Becuase it is an acid and all acids have a sour taste

because the juice of the lemon is sour and that's the normal colour of sour:yellow.

Citric acid. It is also found in limes and other varieties of citrus fruits. It is what gives them their sour flavor.Lemon juice contains citric acid.

when u combined the lemon juice in sugar is still lemon juice but the lemon juice will be sweet or sour When u add sugar it will be sweet lemon juice and if u not add a sugar is still lemon juice but is it sour .

im pretty sure that it is lemon juice because it is the most sour

Concentrated lemon juice is sour

It's called a "sour". A whiskey sour has lemon juice, and a rum sour uses lime juice. Amaretto sours use lemon juice and are quite nice.

It is the acid from the lemon

Because of their high acidic content, the more acid somthing has, the more sour it will taste, like a lemon, or lime.

Yes because of the sour juice in the lemons and sour things contain acids.

Pepto! But if it's caused by acid indegestion, lemon juice works. I use it a lot.

yes, because it is sour and if it spills on your eyes or something it will burn.

I'm not sure, but it may be because the calcium carbonate is a base, and therefore it neutralises the citric acid in the lemon juice (which makes the lemon juice taste sour). The rapid release of CO2 (a product of the neutralisation)has caused the fizzing, and a salt (calcium citrate) is formed. It is often removed and added to sulphuric acid to make sweets.

the citric acid makes it sour

No, lemon juice is sour and apple juice is sweet. They would completely change the recipe.

Yes a lemon does contain Citric acid. It's what makes the lemon taste sour.

Lemon juice of course!

Lemon juice which contains citric acid and vinegar which contain acetic acid are commonly used to get a sour taste in foods.

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