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Is lemon juice from concentrate the same as lemon juice concentrate?


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No. Lemon juice from concentrate is concentrated lemon juice that has been diluted to natural strength. Lemon juice concentrate is just that - concentrated lemon juice.

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Apparently they are two separate terms for the same item : lemon juice that has been returned to its approximate natural strength after being processed as a concentrate.

Lemon juice from concentrate does contain vitamin C, although considerably less than fresh lemon juice.

No, concentrated lemon juice is about four times as concentrated as regular lemon juice. Therefore one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice is equivalent to 1/4 teaspoon of concentrated lemon juice.

Hi I want to know, is real lemon juice from concentrate number 21, is health. Thanks

Is there. Any pulp in ReaLemon 100 % Lemon Juice

Yes, check the bottle's directions for diluting the concentrate for the equivalent amounts of juice.

about 1 tablespoon can be used of concentrate.

Yes you can. You may need to taste test to get the right strength.

Juice a lemon then evaporate the water. Most of lemon juice concentrate is citric acid.

No, lemon juice and lime juice are not the same thing.

The substitution for 1 fresh squeezed lemon using lemon juice concentration is 1 TBS.

I know the health benefits of drinking lemon juice every morning. Is it the same for reconstituted lemon juice?

yes but it won't taste good. It would be like aeting a lemon and then drinking lemon juice

Ususally 3 cans of water to one can of juice concentrate....or what the label instructs.

3 tbsp is equal to one medium sized lemon.

Juice from concentrate is essentially the same as regular juice, except that it is (or was, for packaging purposes) missing much of its water. When this water is added back into the concentrate, the resulting juice is labeled "from concentrate." The nutritional information, if nothing else about the juice has changed, is the same as 100% juice that has not been reconcentrated.

No, lemon juice is squeezed fruit juice, lemon soda is a carbonated beverage usually with artificial lemon flavor.

You could use fresh lime juice or fresh orange juice (will not be as acidic as lemon or lime). Depending on the recipe, a marinade for instance, you could substitute with vinegar.

For real lemon juice, 1 cup of real lemon juice, 1 cup sugar and 1 qt water and ice to fill pitcher.

h2o,asid No. Lemon juice is not on the periodic table of elements. It comes from fruit concentrate and is diluted with water. Water is not an element. Look on the lemon juice label to see the ingredients.

GPL stands for "Grams Per Liter of Citric Acid", which is standard for lemon and lime juice concentrates

Yes. Real lemons taste a little better but you can use juice concentrate without any problems

You can buy and store some concentrated lemon juice, then add it as an ingredient or reconstitute it by adding water. Fresh lemon juice may also be available as a frozen concentrate that you can thaw and dilute.

For purposes of baking there is no real difference. The lemon juice from the green bottle if you read the label, you will see that it is from concentrate, and fresh squeezed is exactly that, fresh squeezed.

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