Is Lexapro the same as Celexa?

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The short answer is they are basically the same. The Long answer, they are very similar, but not exactly the same. Escitalopram, which is the trade/brand name of Lexapro is a “purer” form of Celexa (generically known as Citalopram). Lexapro (i.e. Escitalopram) is the (S) enatntiomer of racemic Citalopram (i.e. Celexa). In chemistry, enantiomers are compounds (such as crystals or molecules) which are non-superimposable mirror images of each other. They share the same molecular formula and sequence of bonded atoms, but differ structurally. The chemical formula (i.e. recipe) of both Lexipro and Celexa is the same: C20 H21 F N2 0 (20 carbons, 21 hydrogens, 1 fluorine, 2 nitrogens, and 1 oxygen molecule). But the way they are assembled is slightly different. Your hands (and feet) are examples of Enantiomers. Left and right hands are "the same" but opposite in their structure. Enantiomers have the same chemical and physical properties (such as melting points, boiling points, heat of combustion etc.), but the way they interact may be different. The left handed molecule may be more potent than the right. Maybe the right handed molecule does not work at all. In some cases one molecule may even be harmful, while the enantiomer is beneficial. Think about how your feet feel if you put them in the wrong shoes. You can wear a left shoe on your right foot or a left glove on your right hand, but it won’t fit well. In chemistry, a racemic mixture is a mix of both left- and right-handed molecules. Getting back to Lexapro vs Celexa. Celexa is a mix of both R-citalopram & S-citalopram. While Lexapro is just S-citalopram. In studies, Lundbeck, the pharmaceutical company which makes both Celexa and Lexapro showed that the S-citalopram molecule has a higher affinity for the serotonin receptor. So by removing the R-citalopram from the mixture, Lundbeck created a more efficient drug. In theory, a smaller dose of Lexipro would have the same effect as a larger dose of Celexa. In reality, pharmaceutical companies do this to extend the market life and squeeze as much profit out of a drug. The patent for Celexa expired in 2003, so Lundbeck “purified” Celexa and were able to re-patent the formula as a new drug, Lexapro. The patent for Lexapro expires in 2012. Although Lundbeck showed Lexapro works (a little) better than Celexa (and gained a new patent) most independent “real life” studies (i.e. asking humans, not following monkeys in a lab) show Celexa works pretty much just as well as Lexapro. I tried to be concise without being confusing. It is very similar in nature, yes. As a matter of fact, Lexapro is sort of "the better half" of Celexa, litteraly. It is the most potent part of what is found in celexa which is why smaller a dose is necessary to achieve same effect generally speaking. You can also expect less side effects from Lexapro (although Celexa already is one of the antidepressant with the less side effects available). Ultimately, they do the same job though.
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What is Lexapro prescribed for?

What is Lexapro used for . Lexapro is one of a group of antidepressants that have similar actions. These are called the "SSRI" group, and they are used for simple uncomplicated types of depression, or in combination with other medication for less common types of depression. . Sometimes they are us ( Full Answer )

Is Lexapro and acyclovir the same drug?

ANSWER: . No. Lexapro is a antidepressant. Acyclovir is a either a topical gel for external application, or in pill form for the internal control of the herpes zoster virus. (Herpes simplex II) Its antiviral.

Can you take Lexapro and Xanax at the same time?

I think so. Aren't they for different symptoms? The side affect would be it just makes you very tired. Answer I think so. Aren't they for different symptoms? The side affect would be it just makes you very tired. they are for different symptoms

Prozac to Lexapro?

I just saw my Dr. Today because I am switching from Lexapro to Prozac because of weight gain on Lexapro. This is coming from my Dr. You MUST NOT MIX LEXAPRO and PROZAC. They are not compatible chemically. You must allow at least 3 or more days for the one drug to "wash out" of your system before you ( Full Answer )

Can you take lexapro xanax and cozaar at the same time?

These medications can be taken together, but there is a chance forinteractions. The Xanax and Cozaar can decrease blood pressure; sowatch for headaches, dizziness, and changes in heart rate. Xanaxand Lexapro together can increase the side effects of dizziness,drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating ( Full Answer )

Is Lexapro addictive?

Lexapro is a widely prescribed antidepressant. Lexapro is notaddictive but can have some side effects like fatigue and insomnia.

Can you take SAMe with Celexa?

Celexa is an anti-depressant prescription. SAMe is used to treatosteoarthritis, and is considered a nutraceutical product. Whilethese offer no contraindications, it is best to consult with thepharmacist.

Is Lexapro a barbiturate?

No. Lexapro is not a barbiturate. No, Lexapro does not contain barbituates. Lexapro is an anti-depressant and is non-addictive. Lexapro is approved to treat depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

How can you get off lexapro?

I did this once. Say you are taking 10mg of Lexapro daily. Do a week first of 10mg one day, 5mg the next, 10 mg, 5, 10, 5, etc. Then, do a week of taking all 5mg. Then, do a week of taking 5mg, 0, 5, 0, 5, etc. Then you will likely be ok being off it! I had really bad side effects during the 0-5- ( Full Answer )

What are Lexapro withdrawals?

Please see the related question below. You will find all kinds of experiences and advice there around withdrawal from Lexapro.

Can you take Lexapro and Ativan at the same time?

I was taking 60mg Cymbalta for 3 weeks to combat my depression and anxiety. The cymbalta was not effective and doc just prescribed Lexapro and Ativan.. Answer #2. Lexapro and Ativan is the greatest combination I've been on for my anxiety and panic attacks (and I've been on A LOT of stuff), but to ( Full Answer )

Celexa and alcohol?

It is inadvisable to take any medications at the same time as alcohol. In some people, dangerous reactions such as seizures can be the result.

Can you take Lexapro and buspar at the same time?

Lexapro and Buspar are medications used to treat depression andanxiety. They should never be taken together, since they can floodthe brain with serotonin, which can cause seizures and heartproblems.

Withdrawals from celexa?

I experienced sever trembling and increased sleeping problems when getting off Celexa. Work with your doctor to ween yourself off it.

What is celexa for?

It's an antidepressant used to treat major depression, anxiety/panic attacks. As a former user, I wouldn't recommend it unless you really need it. I experienced horrible trembling side effects when on it, and the withdrawal was worse.

Has anyone felt the same or similar effects coming on Lexapro as tapering off?

I took Lexapro for one day (1 20mg pill) and never felt so sick in my life...had horrible jaw tremors that turned into a gag reflex and nausea, dizziness, shakiness, just a general nasty feeling. I thought if one pill does this to me, what will happen if I keep taking it? So I stopped after reading ( Full Answer )

Can you take methadone and Celexa at the same time?

I would not automatically say YES in this situation. Celexa is a SSRI Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor; which may cause drowsiness. Methadone is a synthetic narcotic, which (Besides being used for pain at the Spinal Cord level, & Used to treat Heroin addict) is a Central Nervous System Depr ( Full Answer )

What is Celexa prescribed for?

A variety of ailments including depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, body dysmorphic disorder, and even hot flashes.

Does Lexapro have the same effect as Xanax?

ABSOULTLY NOT! I have been taking Lexapro for about 10 years, and also Xanax for the same amount of time. Lexapro is a controler medication, and Xanax is short lived in the system, Lexapro takes about 3 weeks to enter the system, when Xanex takes about 15 minutes. Lexapro is used to control GAD whe ( Full Answer )

I am thinking of switching from lexapro to Celexa' is there any difference I was told by my pharmacist it is the same drug?

The short answer is they are basically the same. \n. \nIf cost/money is an issue, go with Celexa. If your meds are covered by insurance, or you don't mind paying the higher price, go with Lexapro.\n. \nThe Long answer, they are very similar, but not exactly the same.\n. \nEscitalopram, which is ( Full Answer )

Can phenergan and Celexa be taken at the same time?

My dad died because of that combo. I wouldn't recommend it. It gave him Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, which led to arterial fibrillation, which lead to a massive heart attack.

Can lexapro be abused?

probably not, if a person abuses lexapro and takes more than the required dose they can have a seretonergic storm (seretonin syndrome) which can be deadly.

What are the side effects of taking two lexapro at the same time?

You should never take 2 lexapro at the same time. I did once because, well never mind, and its just not good for you. One is supposed to make your emotions stable but taking more than one is a huge body hazard. Please don't do it even just as some type of experiment. Drugs are not a joke. Thank you. ( Full Answer )

Why do I get sick with Celexa?

It depends, if you are getting sick after missing doses that is from withdraw. However if you mean vomiting after taking Celexa there are a few reasons that may be happening. If you take Celexa first thing in the morning or with an empty stomach that may be the problem and simply eating before takin ( Full Answer )

Is Lexapro the same as Adderall?

No, Lexapro is in a completely different family of medications than that of adderal. Lexapro is what is referred to as a SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) - In short it allows more free Serotonin to flow through your brains neurons (synapse's) for more efficient use. Bottom line it is ( Full Answer )

Are Celexa and Willbutrin?

I have been on both before , and took Wellbutrin to start my day, and Celexa was taken when I went to bed. The drugs work on different neurotransmitters and work better taken at different times.

Is Lexapro a narocotic?

Lexapro is an extremely dangerous mind altering drug which should be avoided at all costs.

Is Lexapro a opioid?

No. Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate) is in the class of antidepressants called SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

Will Celexa get you high?

No. Celexa is a specific serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant. It does not release dopamine (which is involved in the reward system - and which drugs like opiates, cocaine, and stimulants affect quite strongly, for instance).

Can you take Celexa and vicodin at the same time?

Yes, this is OK. Remember, though, that your mood disorder makes you more likely to be addicted to things. Be careful with Vicodin because it is habit forming. Take it just as the doctor said and don't take extra.

SAMe and Lexapro taken together?

SAM-e should be fine with an antidepressant. It is going to interact with other hormone medications. Lexapro will be OK to take. Remember to take your Lexapro every day even if you don't feel you need it!

Does Wellbutrin have the same affects as Celexa?

Wellbutrin and celexa are two different drugs. Celexa is a good drug for anxiety and welbutrin is better to counter the effects of high anxiety drugs which can make you almost comatose. Wellbbutrin can cause people with anxiety nightmares so be careful with that one.

How does celexa work?

it is an SSRI drug, thus it forces the body to produce more serotonin rather than allow the re-uptake of it to the brain.

Addrell and Lexapro are they the same drug?

Of course not. Lexapro is an SSRI used to treat anxiety and depression, while Adderall is used to treat ADHD and is a stimulant. Also it can take a week or so to have actual effects of Lexapro, while you'll be able to feel the effects of Adderall minutes later.

Can you take lexapro 20mg and HCG at the same time?

If you are looking to use HCG for weight loss , make sure you check with your doctor before discontinuing any medication. In terms of will lexapro affect weight loss on the HCG protocol, the answer is "maybe." Some medications can interfere with the protocol - but all this would mean is potentially ( Full Answer )

Is celexa narcotic?

best thing u will ever do is call the museum of phycology in Hollywood and watch the vids on youtube. they will answer ur questions but i also want to tell you the truth most all phyc meds are spped, coke or heroine do ur research! good luck. our govern is pretty lame they are making billions off of ( Full Answer )

Can you take adderall lexapro lamictal all same time I was perscribed lexapro and lamictal from same dr. then i went to diet dr. he perscribed adderall for weight loss i didnt tell him bout lex lami?

i know you can do lexapro and adderall at the same time since i am personal prescribed to both. I am not sure what lamictal is though. Just try to take the adderall in the morning and take the lexapro at night since they would work against each other and would cause more than needed stess on your li ( Full Answer )

What can happen when you mix Lexapro with Celexa?

During concomitant use of these drugs, patients should be monitored for potentially excessive or prolonged CNS and respiratory depression. Ambulatory patients should be counseled to avoid hazardous activities requiring mental alertness and motor coordination until they know how these agents affect t ( Full Answer )

Can you take xanax and Celexa at the same time?

i am not a doctor and, i would suggest checking with an MD psychiatrist on this one. it has been my experience that med-to-med interactions are very important to take a look at, and can be very harmful to the mind and body if meds are taken improperly. especially, if a combination of meds are taken ( Full Answer )

Does celexa have opiates in it?

Celexa[Citalopram] is an anti depressant drug of the SSRI[selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor] class. No opiate in it at all.Your answer is no.

Is celexa bad for you?

Celexa is an SSRI commonly used to treat depression. Whether it isbad for you is debatable among users and the medical community anddepends largely on your individual body and how you take themedicine. Possible side effects include anxiety, restlessness,chest pain, weight loss, unusual bleeding and ( Full Answer )

What is an to alternative to celexa?

Common Celexa alternatives include psychotherapy, alternativetherapies, electroconvulsive therapy, and other antidepressants.Medication alternatives to Celexa may include other SSRIs, SNRIs,or MAOIs.