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Lighting a cat's fur is animal cruelty and MUST be reported. How would you like your head to be put on fire just to be trimmed down? =[

Answeryes setting it on fire burns the cat. how can you stop the fire from burning its skin? AnswerMy Lord yes!!!! Before you asked the question you knew it was wrong to do this to ANY animal. Press charges against this person and call the ASPCA (U.S.) or SPCA (Canadian) to get that poor cat out of that place. The cat must have some terrible injuries. Wake up! AnswerOF COURSE!!!The owner could also go to jail for the crime! AnswerSetting any animal on fire is cruelty, and my God yes you should report it!

yes! report it immediately! who would hurt an animnal like that?!!?

that doesn't sound like that would trim a cats fur

2011-01-10 20:45:37
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Q: Is lighting a cat's fur on fire to trim it down animal abuse and should you report it?
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