Is liking another boy cheating on your boyfriend?

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no i dont think it is but if you were to do something with boy you like that would be consider cheat
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What should you do if you are in a relationship but you also like another boy who treats you better than your boyfriend?

Answer . If you really care about your boyfriend and you know he really cares about you, than you shouldn't let another boy come into the picture. If you and your boyfriend are really serious about eachother, then tell him that what he's doing or not doing is emotionally affectiong your relation ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but you like another boy at the same time without hurting your boyfriends felings?

Answer . It all matters how much you really "like" your boyfriend. In all relationships one or the other is going to want to think about other people that they "like"; but if your have stronger feelings for the other boy, dont force yourself to stay with your boyfriend. Remember, every one has s ( Full Answer )

Is liking another boy cheating?

Not really - one can have many friends and like those friendsequally. That should not be construed as cheating in anybody'smethod of thinking. I think if you like someone and you have a boyfriend that yourboyfriend will know or that the boy you like will know orsomething..... P.S Don't cheat, cheat ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but you like another guy?

Well it depends how much you love your boyfriend. But if you really like the other guy then break up with your boyfriend and go out with the other guy.. But be careful how you word it if you still want to stay friends with your boyfriend.

Does your boyfriend like another girl?

the only way to find out is to watch him with this other girl and if he seems to like her more than you then dump him, what else are you supposed to do. and why would you want to go out with someone that doesnt like you as much as someone else anyway

If you have a boyfriend but you like a different guy is that like cheating on your boyfriend?

Answer . You aren't actually cheating physically by going out with this other guy, but you are definitely being dishonest by not having the backbone to tell your former boyfriend you care for someone else and that's a cheap shot! Remember, what you wouldn't want to happen to you (such as being li ( Full Answer )

What if your boyfriend likes another girl?

Then forget about him hun. He is your boyfriend for cryin out loud! He should be focused on only one girl.. and that's you! You can do alot better then him.. I'm sure!:)

If you are a boy how do you get another boy to like you?

ok. i think you are either gay or bi. just flirt! make sure that you dont offend them, or creep them out. First, make sure he is homosexual as well. If its not sexual and you are just looking for a friend, just relax and try to fit in. Don't let the fitting in process change your personality or the ( Full Answer )

What if your boyfriend saw you kissing another boy?

he might dump you he might ignore it its up to him (dam i just cant give a good answer) If his feelings are 100% honest towards you and loves you very much, you've literally shattered his heart. Don't do it; not even a kiss on the cheek.

What do you do if you like another guy not your boyfriend?

Break up with your current Boyfriend and may a move on the other guy Improved Answer: If you don't like your boyfriend anymore, tell him that you need to talk, and then be honest with him. Tell him that you just don't have feelings about him anymore, and you like another guy, but you hope that y ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you catch your boyfriend kissing another boy?

If your bf actually dated you then chances are he must be straight. But if you caught him kissing another boy, it depends he could be a bisexual (loves men & women) or he probably did it as to fulfill a dare or something like that. Talk things out no matter what. Losing him due to some stupid misund ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you and your boyfriend cheated on one another?

If you cheated on each other then you must come clean to each other. A good relationship is never based on lies. You can either forgive and forget and hope it will never happen again, or say to yourself that you can't risk any more hurt and trouble and end your relationship. You must see if this rel ( Full Answer )

If your boyfriend is hanging out with another girl is this cheating?

Guys can have female friends, but, when going steady with a girlfriend it isn't the wise to hang out too much with his friend. He should ask you on occasion if he could bring her along with the two of you so you could meet her. I have several male friends (even when they were single and are now marr ( Full Answer )

A boy that like another boy?

when a boy likes another boy it is called being gay Most men find the term gay offensive. When a boy likes another boy they are homosexual. This affection is completely normal, just a sexual preference.

How do you break up with your boyfriend for another boy?

Just tell them the truth. You don't want to waste his time if your not going to be 100% committed to him. To be polite I would AT LEAST wait a week before dating the next person. You don't want to come off as insensitive.

Why do boys like to cheat?

Because they're very stupid, unlike me, I never cheat on girls ANSWER: Boys will be boys like an adult man, being a boy. They are immature and can't candle responsibilities.

What if another girl likes your boyfriend?

The way I dealt with this problem was by making the guy like me. For example, if you are that girl who wants him for yourself, torture her. Tell her bad things about him and get the guy out of her interest. Instead, if you are the nice goody two shoes, try to make yourself seem taken so he would not ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you have a boyfriend and another guy likes you?

Tell the other guy to get lost OR Tell your boyfriend you know someone else likes you and don't tell him whether you like that other person or not. It will make things worse. Just be honest. OR If you do like that other person just say to your current boyfriend "I think we need to take a break. I ma ( Full Answer )

If you have got a boyfriend but another boy likes you?

well it depends do u like ur bf more or do like the other boy iv been in this situation with my best friend im 14 now and me n him are going out but that meant breaking up with my old bf soooooooo if u like ur bf and dont like the otha boy then tell him break it easy to him thts wat i tried to do bu ( Full Answer )

Why do you feel like your boyfriend is cheating on you?

If you think your bf is cheating on you you don't trust him. Also you may be insecure and you may not know what he is doing at all times and that bothers you. There is always the downside that he may actually be cheating on you.

Your boyfriend came home smelling like another girl is he cheating?

A. . I would find a perfect time to talk to him and ask him questions. I could ask him (kindly), "I know I'm you're girlfriend, but I thought you were cheating on me when you came home, did you?" If he says yes, you could say, "Oh. You know what? We have been having problems for a long time, and ( Full Answer )

My boyfriend is calling another woman is that cheating?

...probably...sorry! My partner of 10 years became increasingly critical and bad tempered with me over the last few months. He then had a business trip away, which unusually spanned a weekend.I offered to join him for the weekend but he would not have it. On his return, he decided to take a contract ( Full Answer )

What if another boy wants you but you have a boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend and there are guys who want me. There are girls who want my boyfriend. Our relationship is strong enough that, while we can't help but be a little worried that the other has options, we're still together and don't even consider those other people. If you're that interested in the ( Full Answer )

Boyfriend but a boy likes you?

There is nothing wrong with being gay afterall i am gay myself. Sometimes i am even known as the gay master or gay lord. Just go with your inner feelings. I have been triple penetrated so many times and it feels soooo good . Soheb

What should you do if you have a boyfriend you are starting to like another boy?

You should wait it out and see if you really do like the new guy, if you really really do, but still like the guy you're with, I think you should stay with him I've been there so here is what to do, make sure you really don't like the guy you're with then bring him down really gently over the phone. ( Full Answer )

Why do boys like cheating on girls?

It seems to be a natural part of the male ego to seek more than asingle sexual liaison, even when it hurts the feelings of women.While it often exposes the men to public scorn, other men seem totacitly approve, or even envy them.

What do you do when you like a boy but have a boyfriend?

You should look at the boys and how you feel about them. Decide which is more important to you and which means more. Is your boyfriend someone you love and is worth passing other boys up for? Is the boy you like just some kind of simple attraction or someone worth it. Maybe you could even talk to yo ( Full Answer )

How do you tell your boyfriend why you kissed another boy?

you have to pull him aside and tell him the truth also apologize and tell him exactly why you did what you did. but don't blame him for ruining the relationship or you kissing the other boy, just say what you have to say and walk away! hope i could help!

How does a boy get another boy to like him?

First of corse you must get to know them, but the most important thing is knowing if they like the same sex as you do or else it will go pretty bad for you. Second thing is if they do like the same sex then slowly build up your friendship till it get's more stronger for you and your mate. So it's ni ( Full Answer )

Why do I feel like cheating on my boyfriend?

Usually people feel like cheating on their significant other because they feel there is something lacking in their relationship. This may be that he doesn't give you as much attention anymore, that he doesn't treat you the same way or even that you have lost your sexual attraction to him. Whatever t ( Full Answer )

What to do if you like a boy but another boy likes you?

well first of all, the boy you like you can look for some signs and see if he likes you. here are some ways you can find out: -he looks at you alot -finds reasons to get near you or talk to you -talks about you alot (maybe to his friends) -he will do anything to get you to notice him if you rlly hav ( Full Answer )