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my mum is allergic too lanolin and shes just got out the shower and the only thing that she could find on her shampoo was linalool shes in a terrible state and she thinks tht it is the cause of it

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โˆ™ 2008-03-27 20:33:54
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Q: Is linalool a derivative of lanolin?
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Is linalool an element?

No: linalool is an organic compound.

What is lanolin?

Lanolin is an alternative to Vaseline.

What is a lanolin?

Lanolin is the secretions from sheep sebaceous glands.

HorseIsle where is lanolin?

For lanolin, talk to Candide on Eldorado Isle

What is the molecular formula for lanolin?

The molecular formula for Lanolin is C4H7NO4

What is the oil in the sheep's fleece called?

The oil is known as lanolin

How are organic compounds like linaloon etc. used in shampoos?

A compound like linalool is used in shampoos as a fragrance. Linalool is a natural essential oil found in tangerine, mandarin, lime, and grapefruit. People can be allergic to a fragrance ingredient linalool.

How is lanolin made?

lanolin is made in the sebaceous glands in wool animals, like sheep.

What catalyst is needed for reacting linalool with hydrogen?

Nickel :)

Does petroleum jelly have lanolin in it?

No. Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of the refining of oil. Lanolin is extracted from the skin of sheep.

Why does lanolin wool oil resemble wax more than fats?

Because technically, lanolin IS a wax.

Does pure lanolin cure warts?

I have used automotive hand cleaners with lanolin, 3 times a day and the warts were completely gone in 3 days, not sure if it is the lanolin in it that removes the wart though.

Is it derivative of or derivative from?

"Derivative of"

From where you can buy lanolin?

What color is lanolin?


Is lanolin found naturally in the human body?

Lanolin is secreted by glands in the skin of animals that have wool, like sheep. People have body hair, and not wool, so lanolin will not be found naturally in the human body.

Does sheep wool have lanolin?


Why is wool greasy?

Due to the lanolin

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What is the name of the oil or fat obtained from wool?

Lanolin. There's a fabulous explanation at

What is the chemical formula for lanolin?

Lanolin is the oil or compound that forms on sheep's' skin. Its chemical formula is C48H69NO6. It has a molecular weight of 756.0646.

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What are the Products of mercury drug?

lanolin products

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