Is linux part Microsoft?


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The Linux kernel and the many off-shoot operating system distributions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and so on) are classed as open source and have nothing to do with Microsoft.

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You can not install Microsoft office directly on Linux. However there is a software called called crossover office which lets you run Microsoft office applications on Linux.

Yes, Microsoft Word work on Linux. Linux users can use LibreOffice, Google Docs, and even Microsoft's Office Web Apps. Luckily, there are ways to run Microsoft Office on Linux.

Microsoft Word is a word processor. Linux is a family of operating systems.

Microsoft and Linux have no direct relationship. Microsoft has frequently attacked the reliability and cost effectiveness of Linux in order to promote their own Windows Server products. They do not release any software for Linux directly, but have made several "deals" with various commercial Linux vendors, such as Novell, Xandros, and Linspire, to license Windows media codecs.

Linux is an operating system kernel. Microsoft is a software company that amongst other things produces operating systems. They are totally different things.Linux is not a corporation, it is an open source kernel. Microsoft is a corporation that produces computer software, mostly closed-source. Linux is maintained and developed by volunteers at the Linux Foundation.

No, Ubuntu is part of Linux.

Not natively. Several products exist for running Microsoft Office on Linux, including Wine, Crossover Office, and Cedega.

Microsoft has never stated specifically how many patents Linux violates, or even a single example.

Heavens no! Microsoft is actually a pretty vocal opponent to Linux adoption, as it seriously threatens their market share. The Linux trademark is own by its creator, Linus Torvalds, and the Linux kernel itself is under dozens, if not hundreds, of copyrights to hundreds of holders.

The advantage of using a Linux OS over Microsoft OS is that Linux uses less resources(i.e. hardware) than Microsoft OS. Microsoft operating systems come pre packaged with tons of appilcations whereas Linux applications can be added as needed and only uses the resources needed to run the processes that you select.

7 is an example of Windows. But Linux is not Windows and there is no "Linux 7." Linux is a completely different operating system and has nothing to do with Microsoft.

It is not yet possible to watch Netflix on Linux operating systems because Microsoft Silverlight only runs on Microsoft operating systems. Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight because of its DRM protection.

Operating Systems Not Created By MicrosoftMac, Apple, and Linux are operating systems that were not created by Microsoft.

Microsoft should and does consider Linux a threat in the enterprise desktop and server market. They are also in danger of losing market share in netbooks and ultralight laptops.

Microsoft does not develop Visual Studio for Linux - the closest available thing is MonoDevelop. It looks and acts similar to VS, and can be found in most distribution repositories

None what-so-ever. Halo was developed with Microsoft. So Linux will not work with it.

There are a few operating systems that compete with microsoft, they are Apple's Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix.

It is a legal and free bios replacement for the Microsoft Xbox normally used for installing Linux on your Microsoft Xbox.

Microsoft does not make a messenger for Linux. However, several Linux clients can connect to the Windows Live Messenger network, such as Pidgin, Kopete, and aMSN.

No. Universities use Microsoft Windows.

Linux, Android, Apple, Microsoft.

You can install and run Microsoft Office in Linux, yes. You will need to install it separately, however; you can't just run the programs off your Windowspartition in Linux.

There are many NOS certifications depending on the operating system you wish to be certified for. Some of these include:CNA - NovellMCSA - MicrosoftLinux+ - LinuxMCITP - MicrosoftMCSE - MicrosoftSolaris - Sun MicrosystemsAIX - IBM UnixRHCE - Linux Red HatAnd many more..

Microsoft word is a part of the microsoft office suite.

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