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Liposuction is risky at any age and as you get older it does become more risky. Your best bet would be to try a strict diet and excersise program.

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Q: Is liposuction risky for old men?
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Is liposuction risky?

Liposuction under local anesthesia using the tumescent (wet) technique is exceptionally safe.

How much for liposuction for men in Atlanta?

Thecost of liposuction for men in Atlanta will vary depending on the doctor. On average, liposuction can cost as low as $1,500.

Is it normal for males to get liposuction?

Male liposuction is a very common thing nowadays. There are quite a few men across the United States who have had liposuction.

Is liposuction right for men as well as women?

Liposuction can be used for any person that would like to reduce an area of fat. Although more popular in women, it is not inclusive to that demographic. Plenty of men get liposuction.

What are the risks for 40 year old men having babies?

It is always risky for men to have babies. That's why we leave it up to the women.

Can your 11 year old have liposuction?

Anyone can get liposuction but there might be some risks.

Can a fifteen year old get liposuction?


How common is it for men to receive liposuction?

"It's quite common these days for men to receive liposuction. Men are becomming more and more aware of their appearance these days, and are using much of the same technology women are."

Can you have liposuction at age 16 years old?

no u have to be 18 or over to have liposuction due to insurance

Can a 12 year old get liposuction if she is morbidly obese?

can my twelve year old daughter get liposuction if she morbidly obese. she is 5,1 and 180lbs.

Can a 14 year old have liposuction?

Prabably not....

Is it risky if men is 35 age trying for pregnancy?

It is not risky, it is impossible. Men do not become pregnant. A man of that age is perfectly capable of fathering a child.

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