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Is little giant a oxymoron?


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A little giant is an oxymoron. This sentence means something (a person who is small for a giant) even though the words "little" and "giant" are opposites.


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An oxymoron is a phrase where the two words seemingly contradict each other. 'Random order' is an oxymoron. Gentle giant isn't really an oxymoron, because no part of being gentle means you can't be large, and no part of being large means you can't be gentle.

The antonym of an oxymoron is a tautology. For example: "almost exactly" is an oxymoron. "Tiny little" is a tautology.

opposites * up / down * tall / short oxymoron * "jumbo shrimp" * "little giant"

Tautologies, such as tiny little

are you looking for "oxymoron"? Another good example is "military intelligence"

In English, the words "giant shrimp" are an example of an oxymoron. An oxymoron is when basically two antonyms are put together. "Shrimp" is a word for being small, and "giant" is a word for being big. ----------------- I'm guessing that you mean English as in England. If so, they are called a Prawn. Hope this helps you!

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George Carlin referred to "military intelligence" as an oxymoron in one of his comedy performances.

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An oxymoron is a seemingly self contradictory statement, such as 'poor little rich girl'

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Fredrick Douglass was not named "Little Giant" that was Stephen Douglass. Stephen Douglass was nick named little giant because he was well... fat and short.

Some examples for oxymorons could be the little giants, pretty ugly, In a sentence, you could say that she was 'a little big'.

An oxymoron is a phrase that has words that counteract eachother. So working vacation is an oxymoron itself.

An oxymoron of crash would be crash landing.

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No. Nor is it a contradiction in terms - which is what most people mean when they say "oxymoron." An oxymoron is a deliberate rhetorical figure.

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