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I think you may have typed the same thing twice...

Because what you have typed is the same thing.

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Q: Is littlest pet shop city friends the same as littlest pet shop city friends?
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What is the code for littlest pet shop city friends?

The cheat for City friends version of littlest pet shop is hasbro, and it unlocks an adorable, special lps paw shirt that is not available without the cheat. It's an amazing shirt for your littlest pet shops, and I know you'll like it!

Littlest Pet Shop Country Friends codes?


What is the code on littlest pet shop friends?

I don't know but I think it is Pet Shop.

What are some cheats for littlest pet shop ds?

On littlest pet shop jungle and winter: lpstru On littlest pet shop city, beach, and country friends: hasbro On Littlest pet shop 3 biggest stars: woolma, harmony, lps3, lpsds, felina, and...the cheat jet only works on the online game. These are all the cheats I know. Thank you for asking! -Redsky

What is the code for littlest pet shop beach friends?

i got u

Did they make a littlest pet shop friends for PS2?

No it is for Nintendo DS

What are the littlest pet shop passwords?

the code for the lps ds game is LPSTRU im not really sure if it works on the littlest pet shop friends games though

How do you add friends on littlest pet shop online? CODE......ADD

What is the code for littlest pet shop friends?

So far, there is no code for this game yet. But there will be soon. But if you would like to know, the code for littlest pet shop winter is lpstru

Where can you download Littlest Pet Shop City Friends?

It's a regular DS game so isn't available on the DSiWare shop or the 3DS eStore, you'd have to get the cartridge version instead.

How do you get to littlest pet shop?

You have to get a littlest pet shop toy and get a password off of that toy

What is the target audience for littlest pet shop?

The target audience for Littlest Pet Shop are young children. These children play with these Littlest Pet Shop toys.

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