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Is love worth love?



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== == * One of the biggest questions since time is "what is love" and to date no one has defined this question. Each individual only defines love on their own intellectual level. My opinion for what it is worth is wanting to be with each other because you miss each other, yet having the honesty and wisdom to learn to realize that space between couples is healthy as well. It's about communicating, being honest and loyal and feeling that this person is the one you can trust no matter what is wrong in your life. They are not just your lover, but your best friend. Of course sex is important and that too must be worked on and should never be one-sided. Sex is about pleasuring each other, not just pleasuring one. * Of course it is worth it. To be loved, and love another equally is a beautiful thing. It takes a while and a lot of effort to find it, but it is well worth it, to know that someone loves you for who you really are, not someone you pretend to be for the sake of appearances. By the same token, it is not something that should be neglected, nor taken for granted. Love is something to be shared equally.