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Is lower abdomen discomfort a sign of miscarriage?

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If you are pregnant and having lower abdomen pain then you should call a doctor, they might want you to come in for a check up to make sure that everything is okay. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-08-05 00:22:21
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Is heaviness in the lower abdomen is a sign of pregnancy?


Are you having a miscarriage if this morning you woke up and your underwear was all brown and you just went to the bathroom and poured out more brown and your lower back and lower abdomen hurt?

i had a miscarriage a couple of days agao and this happened the night before i miscarried so i think that it is a sign that you are about to miscarry!

What are the signs of an aortic aneurysm?

Signs of an aortic aneurysm are general discomfort in the stomach region as well as pain in the lower back and abdomen. A pulsating sensation also often occurs and is a good sign of the aneurysm.

Am I miscarrying if I am cramping in my lower back?

Cramping in the lower abdomen and back can be a sign of a miscarriage, however it is not 100 percent specific for miscarriage, as several other conditions can cause similar symptoms, including Braxton-Hicks contractions, or even labor. If you are having these pains, especially associated with vaginal bleeding or fluid leakage, you should seek help immediately.

Is Lower abdominal pain early sign of pregnancy?

Cramping in the lower abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy. But extreme pain may be cysts or perhaps an ectopic pregnancy.

Can dull aching and a pulling pressure like feeling in the lower abdomen be a sign of pregnancy?


Does extreme cramping with no bleeding or spotting a week before period and pelvic discomfort after sex a sign of pregnancy syndrome?

No. Extreme cramps is not a sign of pregnancy, it could however be a sign of miscarriage or something more serious considering you also have pelvic discomfort after sex. If you don't get your period when you have extreme cramps, you need to see a doctor.

What is roswings sign?

Rosving's sign is used to help to determine if a person has appendicitis. Rosving's sign is said to be present when pressure on the lower left quadrant of the abdomen increased the pain felt in the lower right quadrant.

Pain in your lower abdomen are you pregnant?

yes this could be a sign of pregnancy because that's where conception takes place.

Is lower back and stomach cramping a sign of a miscarriage at 15 weeks of pregnancy?

i highly doubt that means miscarriage the doctors often say that when you hit your 3 months your risk of having a miscarriage is very low. the baby can just be shifting to a different position.

Is a strange feeling almost like a bubble in your lower right abdomen along with some fluttering a sign of pregnancy?

Hello. This could be a sign of pregnancy or simply wind.

Does occasionally feeling like hot fluid passing over lower abdomen means pregnancy sign as well?

No. Cramping in your lower abdomen is a good indication because your body is preparing for a baby to form. Hot fluid shouldn't happen. Your stomach is just upset.

Is tenderness in the abdomen a sign of pregnancy?

tenderness in the abdomen is not a sign of pregnancy so if that is the situation i suggest you seea doctor. p.s. tenderness in the breasts is a sign of pregnancy.

Is it a pregnancy sign if your skin is HOT to the touch ONLY on your lower abdomen?

sounds more like an infection to me, i'd go see a gynocologist if i were you

STD in men pain in glands lower abdomen?

That can be a sign of an STD. It would be best if you when to the doctor asap

Is cramping and spotting a sign of miscarriage?

yes it is.

Why do I have pain in my lower right abdomen and the doctors are telling me that nothing is wrong?

Lower right abdominal pain is a sign of an appendicitis or a problem with the intestines. It can also be due to an injury to the abdominal muscles in that area.

Is a dark red blood clot a sign of a miscarriage?

Yes, sorry to say that it is. I just had a miscarriage and that is what came out of me.

Is it normal to bleed during pregnancy?

no,it is a sign of miscarriage.

Is fluttering a sign of a miscarriage?

No, it's the baby moving

Is an itchy abdomen a sign of pregnancy?

Indeed :)

Is UTI a sign of miscarriage?

No it is not. A UTI is not in the uterus but in the urethra. A untreated UTI can however in worst case cause a miscarriage.

Is heaviness of the abdomen a sign of early pregnancy?

is heaviness in the stomach sign of pregnancy

Sharp shooting pain in the lower left side of the back?

See your doc. This could be a sign of appendicites. Also, a pulled muscle. It's no appendicitis.. you appendix is in the lower right abdomen... It may be a kidney infection..

Is fluttering in your stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

When I got pregnant, I had a fluttering sensation in my lower abdomen that lasted a few seconds. That's how I knew I was pregnant! So the answer is yes!