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It can be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of a kidney stone or water infection.

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Q: Is lower back pain cramp like a sign of pregnancy?
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Is a dull cramp-like lower back pain a sign of pregnancy?

It's a symptom. A sign would be a positive pregnancy test..

At what time during a pregnancy do you start getting lower back pains?

I think it varies for everyone. I know with my first pregnancy I had a lot of lower back and sciatica in my first trimester. It started around week 9. Then it went away for a few months and was back at the end. Just be careful because if it is very early and is cramp like it can sometimes be an indicator of miscarrying. I have also experienced this.

Lower back pain peeing frequently?

To me this sounds like a pregnancy case.

Can you be pregnant if you had a sharp cramp and feeling like im getting your period but dont?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test

Does implantation cramp feel like a period cramp?

yes it does but lighter!

What are the symptoms for use the computer to long?

your fingers cramp like you have cramp

Can you cramp like your period is about to come and still be in early pregnancy?

Yes. The earliest signs of pregnancy besides the missed period can include slight cramping like your period is about to start. This is a normal as the blastocyst plants itself into the lining of your uterus.

How do you use the word cramp in a sentence?

You could say"My leg cramped" cramp means like a hurtful pain

Is cramping in your lower stomach like you are constipated a sign of pregnancy?


Does your stomach hurt before you get your first period?

Sometimes, it can feel like a cramp in the lower part of your stomach, And other times it can feel like a stomach ache!

What are pregnancy cramps like?

They are pretty much like cramps you get when on your period. My pregnancy cramps made my back hurt also.

Do these sound like early pregnancy symptoms Im 6 DPO and I have been feeling lower back pains and I need to pee almost every hour it's been like that since yesterday. Can you get early symptoms?

That sounds like a UTI more than pregnancy symptoms.

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