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Is magnesium corrosive combustible or flammable?


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Magnesium is flammable; after burning magnesium oxide is formed.

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Magnesium is flammable; the combustion produce magnesium oxide.

Flammable, combustible, corrosive: not determined, but very probable not. Einsteinium is a moderate reactive metal.

Corrosive, but it also 'burns' with hydrogen gas

Magnesium is flammable; after combustion magnesium oxide is obtained.

it is not flamable but im not sure about the corrsive or combustible

Oxygen itself is not flammable or combustible; but a combustion doesn't exist without oxygen - the oxidizing agent. Also oxygen can corrode metals by oxidation.

it is very --------- Ions of halogens (including I-) are known as corrosive in solution; also hot iodine and vapours of some salts (ex.: CsI) are corrosive.

Not flammable at room temperature, but combustible.

Phosphorus is combustible which means that it is flammable.

Both flammable and combustible mean apt to burn.

This is a strange one. Flammable materials can burn. Corrosive materials can dissolve other materials. A material can be both flammable and corrosive. Alcohols are an example.

Flammable catches on fire. Combustible explodes. Boooyah!

Pure magnesium is flammable.

Magnesium is flammable but it is not toxic.

Some arsenicals are flammable, others are corrosive...the problem with arsenic is how incredibly poisonous it is.

It is highly flammable.

Magnesium is extremely flammable. It will react even with water!!!!!!

Magnesium oxide (MgO) is not flammable.

Magnesium sulfate is not flammable; by heating it is thermally decomposed.

Many are. Hydrocarbons as a class.CH4is methane and is combustible.

Yes, it can. Flammable or combustible means that it can catch on fire. Anything that can catch on fire is hazardous to one degree or another.

Flammable vs. CombustibleThe words flammable and combustible have been around a long time and are constantly being interchanged with each other which is confusing.Combustible means that something will burn.Flammable also means that, BUT... its meaning goes beyond that. Flammable does mean something will burn, but tremendously faster and much more violently.Therefore, spray paint, before it dries is highly flammable.On the other hand, after spray paint has dried and cured, it would only be considered combustible, not flammable.

If something is combustible, it means it will be flammable. Gold can be melted, but it is not a flammable substance.

Yes it is slightly flammable.

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