Is magnet a conductor or insulator?


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A magnet will conduct electricity.


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Assuming you mean electrical conductor / insulator, most bar magnets are made of solid metal, either iron, neodymium or an alloy of aluminium nickel and cobalt, so they conduct electricity. There is one type of magnet called a ferrite magnet which does not conduct electricity - they are the type often found in loudspeakers.

Most types of magnets are conductive for an electrical current

That would depend on what material the magnet is made of, not the fact that it is a magnet.metal (e.g. iron, alnico, ndfeb) yes, it is a conductornonmetal (e.g. magnetite, ferrite ceramic, plastic refrigerator magnet) no, it is an insulator

If it is made of metal, it is a conductor. If it is wooden, it is an insulator.

An insulator is a material that does not conduct electricity. A conductor is a material that does conduct electricity. For example, copper is a conductor and glass is an insulator.

calcium is more as conductor than insulator.

Steel is a conductor and not an insulator.

A nickel will conduct electricity. So is not an insulator.

Dead dry wood is an insulator, live wet wood is a conductor.

If you mean a rubber pencil eraser, in its dry condition, then that's an insulator.

An insulator restrictes electrical flow and a conductor allowes it.

Wood is an insulator and not a conductor like metal would be.

Conductor allows while insulator does not allow

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