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== == Neither. They are produced at the exact same rate because they are produced together as a set when one cell splits to become two separate sperm cells. Every human carries two full sets of DNA chromosomes in every cell, except the sperm or egg cells which carry only one set each. Let's call one person Pete. When Pete was conceived he got one set of 24 chromosomes from his father's sperm (23 regular chromosomes [autosomes] and one Y sex chromosome), and 24 from his mother's egg (23 regular chromosomes [autosomes] and one X sex chromosome). When the egg and the sperm meet the two sets of DNA get mixed up, and then reassembled into two unique sets, each set having 23 autosomes (which are shuffled versions of mom and dad's autosomes) and a sex chromosome. These 2 unique sets are Pete's personal genetic code. When Pete matures and begins to make sperm, his body will take regular cells, which contain the 2 sets of 24 chromosomes, and separate the two sets, sending one set to one sperm cell and the other set to one other sperm cell. Pete now has two sperm cells, one carrying a blend of his mom and dad's autosomes and dad's Y chromosome and one carrying a blend of his mom and dad's autosomes and mom's X chromosome. He will make Billions of sperms in pairs in this way, 2 by 2, so that one X carrying sperm and one Y carrying sperm are created simultaneously. Egg cells only have X sex chromosomes, so when Pete's X-carrying sperm hits Jenny's egg, a new cell will be created with 2 X chromosomes and will be a female. Likewise, when Pete's Y-carrying sperm hits Helen's egg, it will yield an XY - a male.

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Q: Is male or female sperm reproduced faster?
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Do male or female sperm swim faster?

Male sperm swimm, Female ovum do not swimm.

Who swims faster male or female sperm?

The male sperm is thought to travel faster than the female sperm, however it is said that the male sperm expires faster than the female sperm. That is why some conception methods tell couples to have sex a few days before ovulation if they are wanting to have a girl, that way they are more likely to conceive with the longer-living female (X) sperm by the time the woman ovulates.

How long can a male sperm live?

male sperm only live witin the first 24 hours of being ejaculated, male sperm travel faster than female sperm and so they die off faster female sperm travel slower and live about 2-3 days longer. one of the reasons male sperm die off faster is because the female body is fighting them off first. by the time the female sperm travel through the body the defenses have already been taken up.

How mammals are reproduced?

Pretty much like us. We are mammals. Female egg, fertilized by male sperm, gestation and live bith.

Difference between male and female sperm?

Although only males produce sperm, that does not mean that all sperm is male. There are two types of sperm: male and female. Male sperm carry the 'y' chromosome; female sperm carry the 'x' chromosome. If all sperm where male, then there would be no females born. Thus, the difference between male and female sperm is that male sperm carries the 'y' chromosome and produces male offspring and female sperm carries the 'x' chromosome and produces female offspring.

Can a male drink female sperms?

There is no such thing as "female sperm". Sperm is always male. Females have "ova", or eggs. Male sperm fertilize female eggs.

Was Zeus a male or female?

Male, due to the fact he reproduced with females

How can you tell between a male sperm whale and a female?

a male sperm is white and gooey while a female isnt a male's is smaller

What sperm cells are released from the male and are implanted in the female?

Sperm cells released from the male's __________are implanted into the _________of the female.

Who is faster male or a female?


What causes male humans to be male?

It happens in sexual intercourse. If the sperm is a male and the egg is female it will be male but if both are female, it will be female!

Is unbalanced sex chromosomes in male semen responsible for more female babies?

wrong, there is more male babies (105:100 for male).. they have XY chromosome witch is lighter then female XX, because of that male sperm can "swim" faster..

Who Male or female who has dominant sperm?

er...females have sperm? do you mean allele? Only the male produces sperm.

How do reptiles and birds reproduced?

Reptiles and birds reproduce sexually, with a male and a female.

Is it true that female sperm live longer than male sperm inside the woman?

sure why not ---- There is NO such thing as female sperm.

Can a female drink male sperm?

yes, and so can a male.

How do dolphins reproduced?

Same as humans. They mate male to female and then the female carries the baby to term and gives birth

What do male and female fish emit when spawning?

The female emits eggs, the male emits sperm.

Which testicle produces female sperm and which produces male sperm?

The idea that one testicle produces female and the other produces male sperm is not true. Both testicles produce both X and Y sperm.

What are the male and female gametes?

sperm and egg

What are sperm in the male and ova in the female?


What is Union of a male sperm cell and a female egg cell?

Fertilization is the process that results in the union of a male sperm cell and female egg cell.

A Female ovum and a Male sperm together make?

A Female ovum and a Male sperm fuse to create a zygote cell. It is the earliest developmental stage of the embryo.

What are Male and female sex cells sperm and eggs?

The male sex cell is called the sperm and the female sex cells are called the ova (singular: ovum)

What is a male gamete called?

The male gamete is a sperm. The female gamete is an ova or egg.