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Is man born inherently immoral or is morality itinerant?

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Well, if your father was Hitler, the yes, to the first one.

2012-02-20 14:18:16
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What is the meaning of the word 'inherently'?

Literally, the word means "in an inherent manner." To be inherent means to be something that is an inseparable part of an element, and in humans, can mean "born with."

What did BF Skinner say about morality?

There is no innate morality, we are born "tabula rasa" blank slates onto which morality must be learned from our experience with the external world. the moral judgements we come to hold are decided by socialisation, that is how society conditions us.

Are some people born inherently evil?


Was Rosa parks born sick?

It depends what you mean by 'sick'. Nobody is born 'evil' - they develop their morality (or lack of) over a period of time.

Where was Brian Freeman born?

Brian Freeman, an award winning author of suspense novels, was born in 1963 on March 28 in Chicago, Illinois. He is best known for his 2005 book Immoral.

Are baby hamsters born with rabies?

No. No species inherently has rabies. Rabies is extremely deadly to animals; the fatality rate is essentialyl 100%. If hamsters were born with rabies they would have gone extinct a long time ago.

Was John the Baptist a fisherman?

It is believed that John the Baptist was orphaned early because his parents were old when he was born. He may have been adopted by Essene monks and raised to live off the land. So, my conclusion was that he was an itinerant preacher.

How do you differentiate between a Christian Muslim Hindu or Buddhist when one is born unknown of his parents' religion?

You don't. People aren't just inherently one religion or another. You choose it... you have to be converted and believe it, not just be born into it.

Which statement describes a difference between the philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke?

Hobbes believed that people were inherently evil, while Locke argued people were born as blank slates.

With whom did Confucianism begin?

Confucianism begun with Confucius who was born in China around 551 B.C. His religion was based mainly on morality and respect for others which founded Confucianism.

What was the common cause of death in ancient Egypt?

Infant morality was very high. Infants sometimes died when they were born or were born dead. Infections festered and spread because treatments were usually not available. Sickness was the leading cause of death.

How did the peninsulares' view of themselves in relation to the creoles contribute to the independence movement?

Peninsulares believed themselves to be inherently superior to creoles because they were born in Europe, which caused friction between the two groups

Is Goku and Vegeta related?

I do not believe so, Vegeta is Saiyan royalty, and Goku's father was a common soldier. This is one reason Vegeta is always jealous of Goku, as he believes he should be inherently better than such a common born peasant.

What is puritan philosophy about how humans are inherently evil?

Total depravity is a doctrine based on original sin. It claims that every person born into the world is unable to refrain from evil. It is advocated by many Protestant schools, including Lutheranism, Arminianism, and Calvinism.

Where did Saint Jerome live?

Jerome was born in the year 347 at Strido, Dalmatia. He studied in Rome but became so disillusioned by the immoral life there that he moved to the Holy Land where he lived as a recluse for the rest of his life. He was buried in Bethlehem.

Is it wrong to call a child a bastard?

Unless the child is technically a bastard, yes it is wrong. Even if the child is technically a bastard, it is immoral and un-Christian to apply the label. Understand that bastardy means that a child is born of an unwed mother. This used to connote a loss of legal rights to the child, but not to the mother. The object of the loss of these rights was to permanently punish the child for the mother's sin of fornication and for not being married on the day of the child's birth. It is immoral and un-Christian to blame a child for the sins of their parent.

Why were people againts slavery?

well because they thought it was immoral to treat people that way and that it was unfair to born unequal i mean would you like to be born a slave i know i wouldn't as it says in To Kill a Mockingbird you never know what someones like till you crawl into their skin and walk around in it and you probably think its just political correctness gone mad but people should be born equal i think

What are the causes of immorality?

Answer:Our sinful nature is the cause of immorality. Through Adam and Eve's sin against God, sin has entered the world. Therefore, we all are born with a sinful nature. But that doesn't mean we are not guilty if we are immoral. We have a choice whether we would give in to temptations or not.

Are pit bulls evil?

No. No dog breed is inherently "evil." Pit bulls are born just like any other puppy; curious, trusting, and happy. You have to remember that pit bulls, just like all other dogs, are the same species. People are to blame when a dog goes bad, not the breed.

Are atheist afraid of going to hell?

Well we can say "yes" and "no". Why? Because they do not believe in it. They don't think any of it exists and all the people who are moral and immoral will just die and go back to the way they were before they were born. And "yes" because if they know it exists and the day of judgment is soon than of course they will be scared.

In what year was Comstock born?

Politician, US Postal Inspector and Civil War veteran, Anthony Comstock, was born in 1844 within the Connecticut region. Comstock became prominent and predominately linked to a major campaign that became known for its underlying rationale extolling the virtues of social morality. Comstock founded the movement and created the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice.

What are the founding principles of the Lutheran denomination of Christianity?

Martin Luther found great resonance in a concept from the Bible he called "justification by grace through faith." In this concept, he came to believe that human beings are not saved (justified) by any actions that they can take to improve their standing in the eyes of God because humans are inherently imperfect and inherently sinful because we are born with original sin. Instead, Luther came to believe that human beings are saved by God's love for us (grace) through our faith in him and in Jesus Christ. There are other key principles of Lutheranism, but this concept is the philosophical and theological underpinning of Lutheranism (and most Protestantism).

Is a person a citizen of a country after they have left?

Most people are citizens of the country in which they were born. You continue to be a citizen even if you leave that country (sometimes, people living away from their home country are referred to as "expatriates" which causes some confusion about whether or not you have renounced your citizenship - the act of living overseas does not inherently change citizenship). I have lived in several different countries, but I am still a United States citizen.

An important play of the Middle Ages was what?

Answershakespear Romeo and Juliet would probably be the most popular one.AnswerShakespeare was born in 1564, which was well after the Middle Ages ended. Two important medieval plays were Everyman, and anonymous morality play, and Le Jeu de Robin et Marion, a very early musical comedy.There is a link below

Do you automatically get a six pack?

Everybody is inherently born with inherent abdominal muscles, however, the layer of fat covering it is the determining factor of whether or not you can see your six pack. Remember, that doesn't mean if you do 100 crunches a day for a year you will have a six pack, it requires reducing that layer of fat enough so you can see your abdominal muscles. Lowering your body fat is done by proper exercise and nutrition.