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Is marijuana less toxic than tobacco?


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April 08, 2012 9:51PM

All parts of the tobacco plant is toxic. The stems and the roots (the hurds) of the marijuana plant are highly toxic if taken internally. The flowers and the leaves of marijuana are not toxic, but mold which grows on marijuana (marijuana is highly subject to mold) is dangerous to anyone with a compromised immune system, or someone with an infection such as the flu. Not all of he mold that grows on the plant is burnt when marijuana is smoked. The heat from the flame causes a 'heat plume'.

Mold spores are very small. Some of these spores will be carried by in the heat plume and enter the lungs. Medical marijuana patients require that the plant be grown in mold free building's, and that the medicine be heated to 150 degrees in a special oven for 20 min. before they can use it. This insures that any remaining spores are killed. Medical marijuana must be grown without pesticides, fungicides, chemicals, be free of insects, and bird feces (marijuana which is grown outside is subject to bird feces).

Resource - I had been a medical marijuana patient for epilepsy.

'Street' marijuana is harmful because it contains a lot of impurities and a lot of THC. Medical marijuana does not contain a lot of THC. Medical marijuana is not supposed to make people high. It treats your condition so that you can function normally. Stoned is not a drug. If you choose to enjoy being high, go ahead. It is not, however medicine. You can buy medical marijuana. The strains are matched for your medical condition. For more information on medical marijuana see the website Americans for Safe Access Now. This website is devoted entirely to medical marijuana.