Is marines ROTC separate from navy ROTC?

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If you join the navy are you in the marines?

No, you are not. The Navy and the Marines are two separate services. But the Marines are a part of the Navy. Some Navy personnel are assigned to the Marine Corps, such as Corpsman.

Are most Navy Seals Marines?

No, Navy SEALs are members of the US Navy. The Marines are a separate branch of the military. You do not become a SEAL by joining the Marine Corps.

Are Marines considered Navy?

No, they are a separate service branch, but both are under the Secretary of the Navy.

What year did the marines separate from the navy?

They never seperated, the USMC is still closely associated with the Navy.

What year did marines separate from navy?

The USMC is still part of the US NAVY. They have never separated.

Are Marines and the Navy the same?

No, although in the US Armed Forces they are separate forces under the Secretary of the Navy.

What is the difference between navy seals and the marines?

Navy SEALs are the maritime Special Operations Forces of the U.S. Navy. The Marines are a separate component of the military. For more information about the Navy SEALs, check out WWW.SEALSWCC.COM, our official website.

Which two armed services are separate but are part of the same branch?

the navy and the marines

When did the Marines becme part of the Navy?

The Marines came under the Department of the Navy in 1834. However, they have always been associated with them prior to that time. Though the Marines fall under the Department of the Navy, they are considered a separate service branch and independent fighting force. The Navy and Marine Corps operate as separate branches under the Department of the Navy, each having their own Commanding Officers who in turn report directly to the Secretary of the Navy.

Is there an ROTC for marines?


What is the army ROTC and has anyone done it?

Army ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps, is a college program in which while pursuing a bachelors degree you also train to be an Army officer; there are many online resources which let you look into this program; it is offered at many colleges across the USA ; there are many ROTC scholarships available in exchange for promised service in the US Army. there are also equivalents of this for other branches of the military Navy ROTC - navy Navy ROTC marine option- for the marines Air Force ROTC- Air Force the US Coast Gaurd does not have an ROTC progam

What year was Navy and marines were created?

when was navy and marines created

What can the ROTC program teach a marine?

A marine joining the ROTC program will learn Naval Sciences as well as learning about the Marines Corp and the Navy. It goes without saying that you will also learn about leading and operational practices.

When did you marines become independent from navy?

They're not - unlike the Air Force, which split off from the Army after WWII and became a completely independent force, the Marines are still a part of the Navy, though they are a separate branch. Both the Navy and Marines are separate forces with their own training and ranking systems, both branches are under the Department of the Navy, and both branch heads (Chief of Naval Operations, Commandant of the Marine Corps) report to the Secretary of the Navy.

What are all of branches of the military?

The branches are the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and US Coast Guard. The Marines are not their own branch, they are part of the Navy. ---- Actually, the Marines ARE their own branch. They are subordinate to the Department of the Navy, but are separate from the actual Navy itself.

Are marines army or navy?

The Marines are part of the US Department of the Navy

When was Spanish Navy Marines created?

Spanish Navy Marines was created in 1537.

Will going to rotc help my career as a navy nurse?

If you go to Navy ROTC with Nurse option then it will greatly help you pursue a career as a navy nurse.

Does radford university off navy rotc?

no only army ROTC

Difference between navy and marines?

Navy fights at sea, and the Marines fight on land.

Does the navy have infantry?

Marines are typically linked to the Navy - often as a separate force within the bureau responsible for the maintenance of the Navy, but sometimes as an actual part of the Navy itself. The term 'Marines' isn't exclusive to that type of infantry - just as frequently around the world, they can be found with the designation of 'naval infantry' or similar.

What percent of navy seals are marines?

None. Navy Seals are all Navy. Marines are a completely different branch of military.

What is the difference between the Marines and the Navy?

They are two separate Armed Forces within the Department of the Navy and under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy. The Marine Corps is not however a separate command under the control of the United States Navy or the Chief of Naval Operations but is commanded by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Who is better marines or navy?

navy because they are

What are the Esperanto words for the navy and the marines?

The Esperanto word for navy is mararmeo but there is no word for marines in Esperanto.