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Answer: A Catholic may marry another Christian e.g. a Presbyterian (a 'mixed marriage') so long as he/she promises to do his/her best to raise any children in the Catholic faith; the non-Catholic is to be aware of this promise and understand what it means. It is sufficient for the priest or deacon acting as Church witness to fill out some brief paper work. The ceremony normally takes place within the church building and it is courtesy to invite the Protestant minister to participate (no permisson is needed). It is also possible for the ceremony to be conducted in the church of the Protestant party; this would normally be granted by the bishop, especially if the Protestant had a strong connection to his/her church e.g. a relative who was pastor. However, a Catholic priest or deacon would normally be required to be present. A Catholic may also marry a person who is not a Christian, with the promise regarding children also being made. However, such a marriage is called a "Disparity of Cult" and permission must be obtained from the local bishop. In such cases, it is permitted for the ceremony to take place somewhere other than in a church building. See related links.

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Q: Is marriage allowed between a Catholic and a Presbyterian?
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You are presbyterian and your fiancee is Catholic can you be married in a Catholic church?

You can, provided that the Catholic woman's priest permits the marriage to happen. Since you are Presbyterian, you will be required to agree that any future children are to be brought up with Catholic instruction and that you will not interfere with your spouse's faith. The Church is not enthusiastic about mixed marriages, as is probably evident. Further, since you do not share the Catholic Faith, your marriage in the Church will not be given the sacramental blessing that is only given in a marriage between two Catholics.

Does a marriage between a Catholic and a Presbyterian need to be annulled?

If they were married in a Catholic Church they would be considered to have a valid marriage. If the couple desires to separate, they would have to attempt to have their marriage annulled before the Catholic would be free to marry again. If they were not married in a Catholic Church, their marriage would not be recognized in the Catholic Church and they would have to get a civil divorce and, possibly, a dispensation from the Catholic Church before the Catholic person could remarry. In either case, the best place to start is to talk to your pastor.

Is marriage allowed between Lutheran and presbyterian?

Yes. There isn't anything that says one cannot marry someone of another denomination. They are both Christian, so a marriage would not be affected by other religious beliefs.

Can a Catholic enter a trial marriage?

There is no such thing as a trial marriage in the Catholic Church. You are either married or not. There is nothing in between.

Is a marriage between a Catholic and a non baptized person recognized in the Catholic church?

Marriage may occur between a Catholic and a non-baptized person (known as Disparity of Worship) only with a dispensation. Any attempted marriage between a baptized Catholic and a unbaptized person would not be recognized otherwise.

How did King Henry the 8th get his marriage annuled?

He broke from the Catholic church. He was then promoted to having his own religion. Thus it allowed, by his power head of church, him to annul the marriage between him and Catherine of Argon.

What are the differences between presbyterian and Catholic religions?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic religion was developed from fulfilled Judaism by Our Blessed Lord when He commissioned His Apostles to go out, teaching, and baptizing all the world. The presbyterian religion originated in the early 18th century in Scotland by John Knox.

Would the Catholic Church allow a Catholic woman to marry a Muslim man?

A mixed marriage is a marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic. Disparity of Cult is a marriage between a Catholic and a non-baptized person. The later case is a diriment impediment to marriage, which may only be overcome with special permission from the Bishop. However, it is *never* recommended due to the problems involved in the marriage, the danger to the Catholic's faith, and the determent to the children from that marriage.

Is sex before marriage allowed in the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church is very specific: sex was intended by God for two purposes: primarily for the procreation of children, in which the couple shares in God's creative power in creating new life. And for the love between the husband and the wife.ANY sex outside of these two parameters is considered gravely sinful: whether it be between an unmarried couple, or alone. Sex between two people of the same gender is considered gravely disordered as well as gravely sinful.

If a person says they are Catholic to marry in a Catholic church and are not Catholic is the marriage legal?

in civil law: Church law: it depends. if it's a marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, the marriage is only valid if these 3 conditions are consented to: 1) the Catholic is allowed to practice their faith unhindered, 2) their children are to be raised Catholic, and 3) the Catholic spouse must attempt to convert the non-Catholic spouse.if it's a marriage between 2 non-Catholics, I don't know.ANSWER:1. Why would 2 non-Catholics want to be married in the Catholic Church in the first place?And, if they do, then convert to the Catholic Faith.2. Proof of Catholic baptism & confirmation is required for at least ONE of the prospective spouses. The Church won't just "take your word for it."

What are the differences between the Catholic and Presbyterian Churches?

Catholicism believes in the Literal Presence Of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, while Presbyterians do not.

Why is marriage with relative cousin not allowed?

It isn't not allowed it would just be awkward.In many jurisdictions, marriage between cousins, in some places even between First Cousins, is permitted.

What is the difference between Pentecostal faiths and Catholic faiths?

There may be so many. But the main difference is worship of statue. Pentecostal have cross only. Catholics have both cross and statues. Catholic priesthood prohibited marriage life but Pentecostals allowed.

Can you have a mass performed at a marriage between a Catholic and a non Catholic?

Here the Roman Catholic church will only allow the marriage mass if the non catholic converts himself.ANSWER: YES. It's just that the non-catholic spouse cannot receive Holy Communion/The Eucharist.

If you have converted to Catholicism will the church recognize your extant marriage to a non-Catholic?

If neither one of you were ever divorced, the Church will recognize the marriage. Even if one of you were divorced, an annulment can still be obtained. The Church generally recognizes marriages between non-Catholics as valid. The requirement to have a Catholic marriage only applies if at least one of the parties is Catholic at the time of marriage. The Catholic Church also teaches that non-Catholic marriages between non-Catholics cannot be dissolved except in extreme cases.

What is is different between presbyterian and Christianity?

Nothing. A Presbyterian is a christian religion.

Does the Catholic church recognize marriages performed in the Lutheran Church?

Actually, the Catholic Church recognizes ALL marriages between baptized persons as valid sacramental ("religious") marriages. So if the couple was married by a minister in another sect of Christianity, like the Lutheran one, that marriage is recognized. Even if the marriage between two baptized non-Catholics was secular, in a civil ceremony, such as a clerk of the court or a justice of the peace, it is also recognized as a sacramental marriage, because the marriage is theologically contracted through the will of the spouses, and non-Catholics are not bound by formal requirements as Catholics are. If the marriage is between a Catholic and a baptized non-Catholic, it can be recognized as a religious marriage if a few steps are taken. The Catholic person in the marriage may get a dispensation that allows them to marry a non-Catholic. You can also get one that allows the wedding to be preformed outside of a Catholic church. If you do both, then the marriage is in fact recognized as a religious one by the Catholic Church.

What is difference between the marriage law of shia and sunni?

according to shia rules marriage of a shia with a sunni its allowed.

Is the marriage accepted if a Catholic gets married to an Anglican boy in an Anglican church?

A marriage between a Catholic and anyone outside the faith must get prior approval from the Pastor and Bishop of your diocese. If the marriage is in an Anglican Church (which could only happen with special permission from the bishop), then a Catholic priest would need to be present to witness the marriage. Under any other circumstances, no marriage would have taken place because by canon law, a Catholic must be married in a Catholic Church before a Catholic bishop, priest, or deacon.

What is the difference between Presbyterian and Free Presbyterian?

The Free Presbyterian Church is an offshoot church of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland.The FPC separated from the Presbyterians due to a theological dispute; and personal and ethical conflicts between church elders.

What is Catholic annulment?

An annulment is a declaration that a marriage never existed between a specific couple.

Does the Catholic church recognize a civil marriage between a Catholic and non Catholic?

If the Catholic member of the party was married by a Justice of the Peace with no church minister involvement, the marriage is not recognized by the church. The marriage can be validated in the church if you so desire; the non-catholic party will need to witness your oath to raise any children of the union as Catholic, and vow to a permanent commitment. If the non-catholic was previously married, there may be other complications.

Catholics view on first cousin marriage?

The Roman Catholic church permits marriage between first cousins providing a dispensation is obtained from your bishop (as is required when a Catholi marries a non-Catholic).

Can a catholic enter into a trial marriage for 12 months?

No. Trial marriages are gravely contrary to the nature of the sacrament of marriage. Marriage in the catholic faith is the permanent, faithful union between a man and a woman. A trial marriage by definition is not permanent, and in a sense not faithful because it is not truly binding.

Does the Catholic church recognize Episcopalian marriages?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church recognizes any legal marriage including the marriage between two baptized non Catholics before their own minister. It does recognize a marriage between two baptized non Catholics as a sacrament, as the individuals themselves perform the sacrament of marriage if they are both validly baptized, and non-Catholics are not bound by Canon Law (Church Law); so it would recognize Episcopalian marriages. The Church always assumes a valid legal marriage, even if it is not between baptized persons, but in that case it would not be a sacrament, although it would still be a legal marriage. A marriage is contracted between the spouses in Catholic sacramental theology. The minister is only a witness.