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Is mathematics becoming too difficult in school or are kids in the US not caring about it?

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2009-09-16 01:01:19

I suspect it varies a lot. I believe it can become much more

difficult and consequently become more interesting as well. I'm

speaking as a mathematician. :)

We spend five or six hears teaching nothing more than basic

math, four functions, some rudimentary fractions and geometry, then

a couple of years doing just basic algebra. I've always felt this

is too little too slowly. Algebra is the reading equivalent of Dr.

Seuss, IMHO.

If you can get kids doing interesting algebra problems, I think

there would be more interest in math. There is nothing special

about calculus that a high school kid can't grasp, but by the time

they are in high school, they are convinced that math is hard.

Math is fun. Girls can like it, too. My wife also has a degree

in mathematics.


Mathematics is no more difficult than it used to be, but the

interest in learning it in the United States has fallen off

considerably. The emphasis on sports in the American culture has

lead to a decline in interest in science and mathematics. Even

though only a few hundred people will be able to play professional

sports in the United States in any given year, millions of children

dream of becoming sports stars.


Mathematics is the mother of all the science, commerce, and arts

subjects. So it is very important for the kids to learn

mathematics. If the kids in the US are not caring about it then

they are in great trouble because we have to use mathematics in our

day to day life. Take this statistic for example. China is training

some 300,000 or so engineers every year, while the U.S., only has a

pitiful 60,000. True, China may have the edge in population, but

the U.S., should have an upper edge over them with all the money we

have to fund education. For example when buying something we have

to use mathematics regarding the cost and the return that you will



It's part of a general decline in standards in schools and

universities in most of the English-speaking countries.

Incidentally, I share the concerns expressed about the obsession

with sport. It's almost become a disease.

I'd add that it's also important that voters in democratic

countries should have a basic knowledge of statistics.


For some, math can become a bit difficult, and then stop caring

for it. For others, they could just not care about their grades and

such. Both vary.


I am a sixth grader from a I.B Magnet School. I really like

math(I know Algebra(My dad is a professor.)) Kids still like

Math(Math and Science are my favorite subjects.) Math is just

challenging. My dad is teaching my brother Algebra(He's in first

grade.) He actually enjoys it.

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