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The dominance of men in society has shaped the way in which women are treated. However, this does not affect their natural behavior.

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What is a misogynophobe?

A misogynophobe is someone with a fear of abusing, mistreating, and/or dominating women and girls.

Why aren't Chinese women valued in Chinese society?

cause they are women are allways valued less than our muscles and awsomeness

How recently did women start dominating the workforce?

From the time of the Equal Opportunity laws in the 60's.

What was the role of women in a kushite society?

what was the role of women in the kushite society

Essay on the role of women in modern society?

the role of women in modern society

Women in society?

Women in society differ depending on their individual characteristics. Women are beginning to have equal roles in society. Their roles are not just limited to the family.

What cause of the colour blindness?

Absence of a sex linked gene causes color blindness.To produce cone cells which are must to detect colors, all need a dominating x-linked gene. When the dominating gene is absent ,one become color blind from the birth. Women are the carrier of it, but men are the Vitim's. Color blindness is mostly seen in the Men. A statistics shows that in USA, 8% men and .7% women are color blind.

What is the opposite ot patriotism?

Matriotism women ran society Matriotism women ran society

When did Women rulers in Maya society die?

Women rulers in Maya society died in 751.

Why would the women's suffrage movement use the above poster for their cause?

it shows how women are good at "cleaning up" the problems of society

Why aren't there ads for men's wrinkle cream?

maybe cause society thinks men dont worry about their appearance as much as women do.

The depicts the role and status of women in Indian society?

the depicts the role and status of women in Indian society

What is the role of women in society?

In American society, women have the same legal rights as men. There are many women working in prestigious and highly skilled professions.

When was Women rulers in Maya society born?

Women rulers in Maya society was born on 504-09-01.

Is it true that women were mistreated in Mayan society and held as slaves?

No. Women were honored in Mayan society and were queens. I think. Try it.

When did cheerleading become a female sport?

When soldiers went away for WWII, women stepped in to fill their place and wound up dominating the sport.

Does gender equality exists in your society today?

Yes it does cause if there was no gender equality, girls will not be allowed to go to school and women should not be able to have jobs.

How does the hpv vaccine help society?

It helps society by preventing men and women from getting an infection that can cause cancer, and thus not only decreasing deaths from cancer, but decreasing society's medical costs and lost productivity.

What were the society changes for women after the war?

women had the right too vote

What did women do in kush society?

In fields

What role did women have in UK society before the ww1?

women should've been ironing during the war because that's their role in society. women should've been ironing during the war because that's their role in society.

What was the role of women in Sumerian Society?

The role of women in Sumerian Society was to stay home and take care of the kids and the house. Richer women could get an education and become a Priestess.

What are the basic roles of women in the society?

Often the basic roles of women in society are to care for the children and family. Women are often expected to be nurturing. Women also support the family financially either entirely or in part.

Are there more men or women that are veterinarians?

In the United States, the ratio just tipped slightly towards more women than men in the profession. Over the next several decades the profession is going to shift heavily towards women dominating the profession.

Why weren't women involved in the writing of the constitution?

because society at the time did not allow this. women did not know how to write and were not educated. also society established that women weren't equal to men at the time.

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