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Yes it is.

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Q: Is meta anabolon a safe muscle supplement?
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Is using True Mass to gain muscle safe?

"True Mass is a high calorie, high protien supplement intended for body weight gain. However, according to Livestrong, using True Mass to gain muscle may be very beneficial and safe."

What is the best safe muscle building supplement for a 14-year-old?

A 14 year old does not need any type of muscle buidlng supplements, just a healthy diet. if your worried about being skinny you probably shouldn't as you will fill out any way but if its a supplement you want try protein whey gain, one serving in the morning and one before bed.

Is monster mix Supplement safe to take if under 18?


Is it safe to take calcium supplement and multivitamins together?


What are the best muscle growth supplements?

Beginners should work on form and developing a safe program. They do not require nor need this type of supplement other then a meal replacement protein shake post work out. Only your doctor can evaluate what is safe for you to use.

Is taking dietary supplement safe?

Always check with your doctor if a supplement is right for you or has interactions with medications you may be taking. There are many safe supplements such as meal replacement shakes and vitamins and minerals. More is not always better. Once your doctor okays a supplement for you to use take it as directed.

Where can I find a good supplement for cleansing a colon?

There are a lot of different colon cleanses that aren't safe to use. Some of them are safe to use though. You should try a natural one.���Nature-Cleanse---A-Safe-Colon-Cleanse-Supplement&���id=2372296

Is Heightgainer pro a safe supplement?

If a company does not disclose a products ingredients, always assume it is not safe. There should be nothing to hide in a safe product.Type your answer here...

Who determines whether a dietary supplement is safe?

the bottom part known as booty The manufacturer.

Is it safe to give dogs brewers yeast and lecithin?

Yes, it is safe. They can both be purchased at most dog supply store in the supplement isle.

Are Vitamins considered to be nonessential nutrients?

Yes. You get most of what you need in your diet. To be safe, you can take a supplement.

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