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Is metal durable?

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yes as long as you dont put it near very hot stuff. There is good chance it wont be durable then

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Are metal patio chairs durable?

Yes, metal patio chairs can be extremely durable. They are amongst the most durable types of chairs out there.

Which is more durable metal or aluminum?

Aluminium is a metal

Why are bicycle pedals made out of metal?

Because metal is durable and leightweight

Is metal outdoor furniture durable and comfortable?

Most metal is very comfortable and durable. However, make sure it has protection against rust.

How durable are metal and pole horse barns?

they are very durable theylast longer than wood

What is a durable lightweight metal dervived from minerals such as ilmenite or rutile?

Titanium is a durable, lightweight, and extremely useful metal derived from minerals like ilmenite and rutile.

A metal that is Strong and lightweight?

A metal that is durable, lightweight metal derived from minerals such as Ilmenite or Rutile is Titanium.

What metal makes the most durable ring?

Titanium or tungsten are the most durable metals you can use in a ring.

What is worlds most durable metal?

Tungsten Carbide

Are plastic trash cans as durable as metal trash cans?

In theory, it would seem that a metal trash can would be more durable. However, there are many durable plastic trash cans for sale that can withhold a lot of wear and tear.

Which are more durable the metal watch bands or the leather watch bands?

Metal watch bands are not quite as durable as leather watch bands, but do need to be replaced from time to time.

Describe the process by which the durable metal bronze was first created?

the metal bronze was create by the early humans

What makes a good shelving metal?

Steel is a good shelving metal. It is strong, relatively lightweight, and durable.

Is a wooden computer work station or a metal computer work station more durable?

Metal is more durable then wood and will last longer. Metal can handle marks or spills better then wood. If you spill liquid on wood it can rot easily

A durable lightweight metal derived from minerals such as ilmenite or rutile is?


What is the most durable baseball bat?

the 07 liqiud metal gold

Why are plates made out of clay?

Because it is cheap and plentiful. The alternatives historical were wood or metal, wood is not durable and metal was expensive.

A durable lightweight metal dervied from minerals such as ilmentite or rutile is?

titanium for sure

Is gold a strong metal?

Gold isn't the strongest metal, but it's a durable metal and it doesn't bend easily - there are metals that are a lot weaker than gold.

What is more durable Aluminum or steel doors?

Steel is a harder and more durable metal than aluminum. Therefore, steel doors are often more durable and more difficult to damage than aluminum doors.

Is steel or nickel more durable?

Steel is much more durable than nickel. Nickel is much softer than steel is and steel is the strongest metal.

How do you spell helmat?

HELMET : a protective head covering, usually metal or durable material.

A durable lightweight metal derived from minerals such as ilmenite or rutile is minatiut?

That is 100% titanium.

Why was iron useful in the industrial revolution?

It is a strong inexpensive durable metal that is used to make machinery.

Why are door handles made from metal?

Because metal is more durable than plastic. In a lot of cars they are plastic now, to save money and weight

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