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Is metamizol a narcotic?

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Firstly i would like to mention that metamizol is illegal in Canada and the United States as far as i know. Secondly although it is considered a Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug it does give you an euphoric feeling, it is also a powerful pain killer much like ketorolac (brand name Toradol). I have used both of these drugs and i find that they do have an abuse potential, i highly doubt that people can become dependent on these drugs since there is absolutely no withdrawal. Finally if you are looking for something to stop moderate to severe pain these drugs are a great substitute to opiates, if you have stumbled upon this topic trying to figure out if this drug will get you high, yes it will give you a minor high.

Metamizol can be purchased in Europe the brand name is Analgin, the specific countries selling this drug that i know of is Ukraine and Russia, there is no problem carrying it over the border even though it is illegal in Canada and the States.

Metamizol does not belong to the group of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAID) but to the non-opioid analgetics, being an cyclooxigenase-inhibitor, therefore being antipyretic, analgetic, spasmolytic and antiphlogistic. IT is not an narcotic drug. and in contrast to the NSAID's it does not cause stomach problems.

it does not cause depdendency or addiction and any kind and a hig' is not one of the discribed sideeffects.

the prohibition is due to its sideeffect of an agranulocytosis (1 out of 1.1 million) with at times fatal outcome. if used correctly fatalities occure in 25 out of 100 million wich is significantly less then in aspirin or diclofenac.

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