Is methodology useful in personal areas?

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Yes. It is useful in most areas of life, study and professions
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What is methodology?

Legal research is "the process of identifying and retrieving information necessary to support legal decision-making. In its broadest sense, legal research includes each step

Can you use methodology in a sentence?

how can a student find the "methodology" if the word is confusing? Please explain how to use the word and what it has to do with a paper?

A sentence using the word methodology?

You will be graded on your work and how well you followed the given methodology.. The researchers obtained the same results even though they used different methodologies.

What does 'methodology'?

Methodology is the set of steps, methods, procedures to consider when doing something. It's the answer to what, how and when. Anything you do need to comply with certaing step

What is the drawbacks of using one methodology in project management?

One methodology is just one set of approaches to a problem. If projects were to be compared to football matches, if you used the same approach for every game, you wouldn't nec

What methodology can be used to accomplish biometric objectives?

Biometrics refers to the identification ofhumans by their characteristics or traits. Biometric identifiers are often categorized asphysiological or behavioral characteristi

Why do companies use methodologies?

To ensure that a consitent reproducible approach is applied to all project. Reduce the risk associated with shortcuts and mistake. produce complete and consistent documentatio
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What is scrum methodology used for?

scrum methodology is a type of software engenering basically framework for project management. It was originally for managing these things and is still used commonly for these
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What is the methodology used for the BCS poll?

All three components shall be added together and averaged for a team's ranking in the BCS Standings. The team with the highest average shall rank first in the BCS Standings. T