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Is metro pcs coming out with a iPhone?

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Im sorry to say but no iPhone is coming out with metro but i do have an answer to your problem you can go to Verizon wireless and buy an iphone4 only not iphone3 then you can put your iPhone with metro pcs because all Verizon phones have sims card and metro also haves that or another choice is you can also buy it with sprint mobile not positive about that but give it a try.

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No, Metro PCS does not provide an iPhone. Although, they do have a great variety of phones and usually have great deals.

Yes. You can hold off on settling for that Galaxy because iPhones should be coming to Metro PCS once the merge with T-Mobile is complete.

Yes, soon. The iPhone should come to Metro PCS once the merger with T-Mobile is settled.

no u cannot but u can flash a verizon iphone 4 or 4s to metro pcs or cricket

Not yet, but soon. The iPhone should arive soon on Metro PCS now that T-Mobile accounced a merge.

You can buy a jailbroken unlocked phone from eBay and the metro pcs people will hook it up :):):):):):)

Soon. Once Metro merges with T-Mobile (which also has the iPhone now) the iPhone will be available because Metro will start using T-Mobile's bandwidths.

Yes there are several new phones coming to Metro PCS practically mostly androids phones

Not sure what u mean by flash but iphones r not available with metro pcs. I usd verizon for mine

Soon. Now that T-Mobile has the iPhone and is merging with Metro, we should expect the iPhone to arrive on Metro because the carriers will begin to work on each other's bandwidths.

noone will answer this dum question. There is no I phone for metro.... I wish this question was valid -.-"

metro pcs does NOT sell iphones

Yes you can. If it does not have a sim, you will be able to get one.

Not yet.Although the iPhone is not officially available on Metro PCS yet, it is very likely we will see one in the near future because T-Mobile started selling the iPhone February 2013 and has confirmed a merge with Metro PCS. The companies will keeps their separate names and stores, but will begin using each others' cell towers and bandwidths. The iPhone 5 just mastered T-Mobile's bandwidths which means it could use those bandwidths for Metro. Considering Apple made the iPhone available to over a dozen regional carriers in the US since the debut of the iPhone 4S, it would seem almost impossible for Apple not to sell their iPhone on Metro.

No, but Metro PCS does have phone coverage in Chicago.

It costs $50.00 to turn a metro phone on with metro pcs.


Pretty much :? unfortunately. I have an Android from Metro PCS and I cannot take video.

No. You can not use a new samsung phone with metro PCs because metro PCs does not use a Sim card so therefore u would have to use a metro PCs phone

metro pcs is the best server,you people should get metro it is good for a lot of people. :) :) :) :) :)

No you can not buy a blackberry storm at metro PCS

goes metro pcs have a customer phone directory?

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