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Is miley's friend lilly dating?

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yes i think she is

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Is mileys best friend lilly?

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Is lilly really milley Cyrus friend?

yes Lilly is Mileys friend in real life

How is mileys friend?

Lilly troscott and Oliver ocen

What is the last name of mileys fiend lilly?


What was mileys first show she acted in?

Lilly do you really want to know my secret?

In Hannah Montana why is lilly living at mileys house?

because they were gonna move away and lilly didnt want to leave miley

Is Mileys brother dating anyone?

yes he is dating but at the moment he is single

How can you be mileys friend?

kill her

Mileys Best Friend?

Demi Lovato

Is mileys best friend is demi?

yes she is

How old is mileys sister noha?

She is 9 years old and her best friend is 9 to and her best friend is called carina hussain is mileys friend to and her email address is

How old is Mileys Friend Mandy?

she is now 21

What is mileys best friend named?

Mandy Jiroux

Is taylor mileys friend?

yesnomaybe so

Who is Lilly in how i met your mother?

Lilly is robins friend and she is married to marshall

Is Miley Cyrus really best friends with lilly on Hannah monntana?

No she is not Mileys best friend is Mandy She's just frends with lilly on hanna monntana but actolie she's kind off frends with Emily osment well i think that they are cuz u can see that there friends and if you go on facebook some times she one and i asked her and she said ya there close friends but Mandy is her best friend so Emily/lilly is close friends with miley

Who was Cameron boyce dating?

he's dating a girl named Lilly Andrews......

Whats mileys cell?

No one knows. Unless your her friend(;

What is Mileys friend lesleys last name?

patterson...i think

Who is Mileys BestFriend?

Mileys best friend is..... Mandy j. I really don't know how to spell her last name. But it does start with a j(:

Who is Miley Cyrus dating right now 2014?

Well i dont who mileys dating but hannah montana might still be dating jesse! #HannahMontana

Who is Nathan lilly dating?

Melissa Sue Miller

Are Taylor Lautner and Lilly Collins dating?


Did lilly love snape?

lilly did not love snape ......she liked him like a friend. although snape was the one that loved lilly

Who is the best friend of Miley Cyrus in True Lie?

Her name is Leslie. She was Mileys best-friend since maybe middle school or maybe elementary school. She is listed in one of mileys songs.