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Is milk healthy?

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Milk is not healthy, it is even linked to cancer by Harvard & the American Institute for Cancer Research

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yes it contains calcium which is good for your bones

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Milk that has been pasteurized is what is referred as the healthy milk.

Not as healthy. It is missing protein

Drinking milk in moderation can be healthy.

'''Calcium''' makes milk healthy for our bones.

There are many people who can't tolerate milk, which is why some say it isn't healthy.

there as been a lot of talk about teeth and milk making them whiter. But yes milk is healthy for your teeth and keeps little white marks off them.

Milk contains calcium, which is good for your bones and teeth!

Yes! It is very healthy to drink milk. It provides calcium that make your bones strong, and it contains vitamins.

No i dont think it is BUT you have to have milk alternatives such as soy milk... My aunty is a vegan and she is perfectly healthy (: If that helps.

Yes it is and i think that rice milk is good and tasty.

it poses no threat to a healthy adult

because it helps u grow drink milk and be healthy

goat because itis not healthy to drink

Yes, almond milk is very healthy. Many people think that it is more healthy than cow's milk, and it is certainly more natural and more kind.

Beacause it is Organic

because it has calcium

Tea without milk is healthier than tea with milk because milk adds more fat to it

Soy, more healthy and fewer calories.

cause its pure milk and its healthy and you can grow taller

No less healthy than cows milk, and probably slightly better due to lower cholesterol. Buffalo milk has higher fat and calories.

Milk keeps your teeth and bones healthy and all dairy products contain milk

Well, its a yes and no!! Milk is in the ice cream and milk is healthy. No because it has a lot of calories and sugar. It will lead to Dental problems

people drink milk when they are young to have healthy bones or when they just want to

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