Is mind reading possible?

Certainly not as depicted in novels and movies.

There appears to be some, disputed, evidence that there can be a connection between twins. Though more or an empathy than telepathy.
The short answer is YES.

The longer explanation is that mind reading is not what you may think... It does not happen as you may have seen it in movies, or on television, or as you have read about it in fiction.

The average human mind experiences hundreds of random, unrelated thoughts, emotions, ideas, images and cravings per moment. very few of these are well enough formed, or of enough intensity to truly rise to the surface of the mind. Some one "listening in" would experience a cacophony of thoughts which would negate the ability to "read" any thing of significance.

The way it works is when the person doing the thinking (the broadcaster) focuses on a single image for several minutes while the person doing the reading (the receiver) focuses on the mind of the broadcaster. 60% accuracy is considered very good.

The power for 'mind reading', associated with seeing into s.o. personal atmosphere, might aswell have been originated/ evolved in normal environments as ability and skill, as an important factor, through lack of speaking or understanding a spoken language, via bodylanguage, face expressions and as babies and children in behaviour and developement