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What is a mint mark?

Answer . In the U.S. a mint mark is usually one letter, sometimes two,indicating which mint produced a coin. The current US mint marksare: . P for Philadelphia, D for Denver S for San Francisco (for proof coins only) W for West Point (for commemoratives and gold only*) . Until recently most coins ( Full Answer )

Which gum last longer juiciy fruit or double mint gum?

Question: . Which gum last longer? Answer: . The gum flavor that last the longest for me is Doublemint. It tastes really good. One time I feel asleep with a piece of it in my mouth and when I woke up the gum was still juicy. I was like that is so AWESOME!!!!! . Question 2. Which gu ( Full Answer )

What is fruit?

Fruit is a plant. some have seeds and some don't. Usually you would peel the skins off

What is a mint warden?

The Warden of the Mint was in principle the highest ranking officer of the Royal Mint of Great Britain, having oversight over its operations and physical plant by virtue of a royal warrant.

What is a coin mint?

It's not clear what you mean. Are you referring to a coin in mint condition, or the facility where coins are manufactured? Please post a new question with more details.

What are fruits?

Fruits are the ovaries of flowering plants, and the means by which flowering plants disseminate seeds. Many fruits have developed to propagate by having animals eat them and then deposit the seeds far from the original plant. Humans and many animals depend on fruits as a source of food. Technically, ( Full Answer )

Why are mints white?

Mints are generally white because most sugar-based hard candies arewhite until a colored shell or coloring is added. Mint itself isactually green (the herb) but the oil is clear or opaque incoloring.

What does minted mean?

Minted describes the process by which a coin is made. A (rough) synonym is struck . Coins only are minted. All US paper currency is printed at one of two places. One place is Ft. Worth Texas the other place is Washington DC.

What is the royal mint?

The Royal mint is located in Llantrisant in south Wales, its where all the money for Britain, and the British overseas territories is produced.

What is a mint?

1. A mint could be any kind of mint flavoured sweets (candy in U.S.) 2. A Mint is also the name for the factory that makes coins and medals.

What are coin mints?

The mint is the place where the coin was made. In the US there are several. If the coin has a D next to the date, it was minted in Denver. S is for San Francisco.

Why does mint Mentos work better with Diet Coke than fruit Mentos?

The bubbling action that occurs from dropping a mentos into a diet coke occurs because the high quantities of carbon dioxide held within the soda react with the candy. The candy's shell is actually comprised of many extremely small pits in which the CO 2 forms in a process called nucleation. The ( Full Answer )

What is the Denver Mint?

The Denver mint is one of the two places in the U.S. wherecirculating coins are minted. It was started in 1863 and is stillin operation today making all denominations of circulating coins. For its first 46 years, the Denver mint was only an assay office inthe Clark, Gruber, and Company Bank Building ( Full Answer )

How do you get coins from the mint?

you can get coins from the mint by ordering the coins through the us mints web site follow this link

What does a fruit do?

A fruit is grown by a plant/tre and contains a seed(s). The fruit will normally be tasty and if eaten by an animal will be excreted in healthy dung which will act as nutriens.

How do you find out where it was minted at?

You look at the mint mark. If it is a D, then it is Denver, if it is a S, then it is San Fransisco, if it is a P, it is a Philadelphia. US Coins carry a mark to identify the mint.

Why were mint set minted?

US mint set were minted for sale to collectors. It provided a defined set separate from the standard business strikes.

Where is the British Mint?

The Royal Mint is now located in Llantrisant, Wales, and is responsible for producing all of England's circulating coins plus the coinage of many other countries.

Why is Frizzy mint?

alot of ways she is absolutely amazing and kind and I love her so much! She has the most amazing hair and sense of style. I love her smile it is huge! she is mad and that makes her so cool, she is also mega funny!

How do you can fruit?

Fruits are generally turned into jams/jelly/chutneys and other preserves. You must follow an exact recipe and process in order for them to set up correctly and to prevent bacteria growth. I recommend buying the BALL canning book and kit. You can also dry fruits as a healthy alternative using a food ( Full Answer )

What does mint have in it?

Mentha, which is the Greek term for Mint, has between 13 and 18varieties depending on which source you are reading. The plant isaromatic. What is in mint is a fragrant oil calledmenthol which has been used as a food additive, inmedicine, drugs, aromatherapy, and has been used as a biologicalinsect ( Full Answer )

What is mint luster?

It is the glossy sheen reflected from the surface of a coin. It comes from the flow of metal that occurs when the blank is smashed by the striking dies and the metal flows into the details of the striking dies. At the time of minting, the luster is at its strongest, but may fade over time, become di ( Full Answer )

Mint seasoning is for what?

Mint is used in many drinks and foods. Mint jelly is a very popularaccompaniment for lamb dishes. Mint is muddled to make Mint Juleps,the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. It is also popularcombined with chocolate in drinks, cookies, and especiallyChristmas confections. Dried mint leaves steeped ( Full Answer )

What is mint rubbing?

In popular culture, the phrase "rubbing mint" has come to mean "wasting time." A group of clever Romanians took the idea of this phrase and ran with it, creating a whole organization, the Romanian Mint Rubbing Association, dedicated to the concept. According to the Romanian Mint Rubbing Association, ( Full Answer )

What are pillow mints?

Pillow mints are small, square, pastel-colored pieces of mint candy that are somewhat puffed up in the shape of pillows. Some fancy restaurants have them as small after-dinner sweets. People also use them as little gifts for parties or weddings.

Is a mint fruit?

Mint is a plain, old green plant with leaves. If you squish the leaves with your fingers, you get a delightful strong odor of mint.

Is mint alkaline?

Mint in any form is considered an alkaline herb. The herb has longbeen used to conteract acid complaints of the digestive system.

What is a mint sprig?

two or three mint leaves that are still attached. the mint sprig is used mainly for decoration.

What dishes have mint in it?

In the USA mint is found most often in beverages, candies and desserts. As for main dishes, I believe it is most often paired with lamb.

Why does your fruit have no fruit?

If you mean why does " your fruit tree have no fruit " than it's either the tree requires another fruit tree to pollinate it or trees take time to mature before bearing fruits.

Is lavender a mint?

NO, it is not a mint. Lavender is an herb used for scents, soaps, and cooking.

Is mint good for you?

The mint plant has been proven to aid digestion. Drinking mint tea after a meal can reduce the chances of indigestion.

Can you be addicted to mint?

I don't think you can because it doesn't have really much to get to your bloodstream. You can really like them and always want to have them, but it isn't physically needed by your body to have mints once you start eating them, unlike smoking, etc.

What can you do with fruit?

there are several things you can do with fruit. you could: -eat it -sell it -give it -draw a doodle on it -make a fruits basket

Why does mint gum last longer than fruit gum?

I depends if you gum with sugar its not really the gum flavor its sugar and the sugar will rotten your teeth so for now you might wanna stick to winter fresh or wintergreen.

Why is a mint called a mint?

The English word "mint" is first noted in the 8th century. It was acontinuation of the Latin "menta" and Greek "minthe" which aretheir names for the plant. It is thought that this word has an evenolder history, but it has been lost in time.

Who is the mint officials?

On Your Mint Carton Or Wrapper The Company's Name Or Address , Etc. Will Be On It And It Will Lead You To The Officials. Be cause Each Mint Its Its Own Thing. Yah Know?? Sooo,,, like Yeahhh !! :0 Your Welcome Hope It Was Helpful !!

How do you become Minted?

Anyone can become Minted designer all you have to do is follow a few steps to become one. First you will have to think of a design and then make it known to people so that it will sell.

What are homonyms for mint?

There are no english words that sound like 'mint' and are spelled differently. Mynt is not a proper english word, and 'meant' is pronouced differently.

Why is mint called mint?

Mint has two forms. There's the mint used in food and the mint thatmakes money. . Mint: first used in 1540 from the word "minter" which means"one who stamps coins to create money" which was first used in theearly 12th century. . Mint: aromatic herb from Old English "minte" used in the 8thcentury. ( Full Answer )

Is the ssb mint a real mint?

yes, it's the south sydney bullion - to quote from their page : SSB will buy back all products manufactured by us. they do however, have distributors all over the world.

What are US mints?

A mint is a factory where coins are made. The US has four currently-operating mints: P: Philadelphia (no mint mark on most coins before 1980) D: Denver (since 1906) S: San Fransisco (circulating coins till 1955, some 1968-74; proof coins since 1968) W: West Point (commemorative and bullion ( Full Answer )

What is a fruite?

There are many different fruits(fruite). A fruit is defined as a sweet, fleshy product of a tree or plant with a seed inside. To know which of the following is not a fruit we would need to have the list of options.

What is muddled mint?

Mint that has been bruised (mashed) to a certain degree by amuddler (a tool that works like a pestle, but only for bartending)which releases its oils and aromas.

How are fruits fruits?

Fruit contain seeds within the body of the fruit, like watermelon, strawberries and tomatoes. Other vegetables have seeds that grow separately, like grain (the seed _IS_ the edible part) or which grow on top of the plant like asparagus.

Why is a fruit a fruit?

The fruit is that comes from trees that continue to give fruits seasonally while the trees are still alive and available.

How does mint get its food?

Mint is a green-leafed plant; it gets its food by drawing nutrientsand moisture from the soil via its roots and combining them withnitrogen from the air via photosynthesis.