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Is mold fungi?

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Mold is fungi. But it is from the kingdom threadlike fungi.

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Is mold a fungi?

Yes, mold is type of multicellular fungi. Mold is also composed of hyphae.

Are bread mold fungi?

bread mold is fungi because fungi eats dead or living things

Is molds a fungi?

Mold is Fungi.

Is mold a fungi or plant?

it is a fungi.

Is yeast a mold?

no. yeast is a type of fungi and mold is a different type of fungi.

Where is penicillin derived from?

its derived from bread mold... a Fungi its derived from bread mold... a Fungi

What type of fungi is black fuzzy mold?

Black fuzzy mold is a zygote fungi

How do apples mold?

Fungi bacteria mold

Is bread mold a plant?

Mold is a fungi.

What is fungi it is called mold?

it is called mold

Which is safer to eat mold or fungi?


What the difference between water mold and fungi?

Mold is actually a part of the Fungi kingdom but mold does not decompose like most regular fungi do and grow on food that contain yeast but fungi grows in soil.

What is the difference between fungi and mold?

nothing, there the same thing. mold and yeast are types of fungi

What is kingdom mold?

Fungi Mold is also called the Kingdom Mold.

What does mold contain?

Mold contains microscopic fungi

How do you get Fungi?

fungi and mold often grow were it is damp

Is mold a poisonous fungi or a edible fungi?


Is mold and mushroom a fungi?

Mould are mushroom are fungi.

Are all fungi a mold?

are all fungi molds

Is black bread mold fungi or protists?


What group of fungi is black bread mold?

The black bread mold Fungi group(Division) is 'Zygomycota'

What is mold or fungi?

Mold or Fungi are small organisms. They don't have the ability to produce their own food. But they can reproduce.

Are mushrooms mold and yeast all fungi?

Yes. Mushrooms, mold, yeast, and mildew are all fungi.

How is mold part of the fungi kingdom?

fungi fungi it is both a plant and animal

What is mold made out of?