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Actually, in some cultures, money is the only appropriate gift. If you've been invited to a wedding where either the bride or the groom comes from a different background, you might want to research into whether or not even getting a gift instead of giving money is the tradition. Or, even better, talk to one of the family members or friends of the couple to find out what their preference is. Otherwise, while a heartfelt present is often more remembered than a gift of money, sometimes the bride and groom would prefer it. Either cash or a check enclosed in a wedding card is acceptable, along with a well-wishing, handwritten note. Also, most larger retailers now offer gift cards, if you don't feel comfortable using a personal check or giving cash. Many stores have these available at the checkout counters or online at their website. Another idea, if your desire to give money is based on not wanting to get the couple something they might not want, is to find out whether they have a gift registry at any stores. That way, you know you'll be getting them not only something unique, but something they really need.

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Q: Is money an appropriate wedding gift?
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Is it appropriate to give money as a wedding gift?

Yes, money can be not only appropriate, but for a couple that is just starting out it may be very appreciated. I some cultures, money is the ONLY appropriate gift at a wedding.

What is the appropriate money gift for a wedding?

When giving a gift of money for a present it is completely up to you as to how much to give. Traditionally the money a couple receives from their wedding helps to set up their future life together. There are many things to consider: how close are you to the couple? how much did they give you at your wedding? what would be an appropriate amount to cover your meal expenses and add extra as a gift? I would however never give less than $100 or $200 for a wedding gift.

Do you have to give money to son for wedding when you are doing rehearsal dinner?

Even if you are paying for the rehearsal dinner for your son's wedding you should at least get your son and his bride a gift and if this is not appropriate for certain cultural weddings and money is the gift then give only what money you can afford.

How much is an appropriate cash wedding gift from the brides brother?

No one should give more than they can afford for a wedding gift. The general monetary gift could be anywhere from $50 and up. If you are uncomfortable with giving money then buy them a gift.

What is an appropriate dollar amount to give a sibling for a wedding gift?

If you prefer to give money rather than a wedding gift then only give your sibling on her wedding day money that you can afford and do not put yourself in debt. Your sibling should be happy with any amount you can afford.

What is the appropriate gift for a 9th wedding anniversary?


If you already bought a wedding gift do you still bring money to the wedding?

Wedding Gift should be enough, no need of money.If there would not be a gift you could bring money.

What would be an appropriate wedding gift from the parents of the groom?

the appropriate wedding gift would be something maybe for the house like a special candle or something engraved. Something elegant and nice to look at.

What is a standard wedding gift?


Request staff contributions to get a wedding gift?

A staff memo would be appropriate to request staff contribution in order to get a wedding gift. A text message sent to all the staff would also be appropriate.

What is the appropriate phrase to use on a wedding gift card?

An appropriate phrase written by the sender in a wedding gift card could be 'May all your hopes and dreams in the future come true.'

Is it appropriate to use a money bag at a wedding?

Yes. You need to put your wedding money somewhere!

Wedding gift for bride?

A wedding gift for a bride could be a nice set of China. Or even a very nice lingerie set could be appropriate.

When are calla lilies an appropriate gift?

The would be an appropriate gift at a wedding or a funeral. Kind of ironic if you think about it. The beginning of a new life and the end of a life.

Is 100 dollars a appropriate wedding gift?

Yes, $100 is a very generous gift.

What gift to give at Hindu wedding?


How much money is it customary to give as a gift at a Jewish wedding?

There is no specific custom as to the amount of a wedding gift. But money given at Jewish weddings is usually in multiples of 18.

What is an appropriate gift for a bar mitzvah?


What is an appropriate baptism money gift?


How much money is appropriate for a wedding gift when the wedding is in the tropics?

It does not matter where the couple gets married and any amount of money a guest or parent gives the couple should be appreciated and a person should not over extend their financial limit.

How much money is appropriate for a wedding gift if unable to attend wedding?

A guest that is giving money should only give what they can and not over extend themselves. $50 is a decent amount. If you are closer to the person you can give $75 - $100.

What are common Korean wedding gifts?

If invited to a Korean wedding, the appropriate gift is a cash donation presented in a red envelope

What is the money-gift you give at a wedding called?

a fool

What is the correct amount of money for a wedding gift?

when giving money as a wedding present you should give what would be appropriate if you do not have much cash, $20.00 could be enough. It all depends on what you can give just as long as its at least $20.00. If you can give more then do it don't be stingy.

What is an appropriate gift for a brides parents to give as a wedding gift?

It is far wiser to give whatever money you can afford without breaking the bank so the couple can buy whatever they may need.