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Is monster truck racing fake?

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NO It is real! My friends seen it before!

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Are monster truck shows fake?


How dangerous is Monster Truck Racing?

It can be VERY dangerous.

What has the author Scott D Johnston written?

Scott D. Johnston has written: 'Monster truck racing' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Monster trucks, Truck racing, Trucks

How big are monster truck wheels?

Monster truck tire/66x43x25/pulling/puller/racing/farm tires/atv tires/flotation

Do monster truck shows typically put the monster truck up for sale after a show?

Sometimes monster trucks are offered for sale by the owner after monster truck shows. They are also sometimes auctioned or become prizes of raffle drawings. This can vary and one shouldn't rely on going to a monster truck show to buy a monster truck. Monster trucks can also be found for sale in local classified ads, car magazines, EBay, and a website called Racing Junk.

What are Monster truck tires filled up with?

they are filled up with regular air that our tires use but some cheaters in monster truck racing fill their tires up with water to make sure they land on all fours.

What does the monster truck do?

Usually, a monster truck is involved in crushing smaller vehicles beneath its huge tires. They also compete in the very popular freestyle event as well as side by side racing and sometimes mud bogging.

Is racing fake?


Does monster truck monster truck still drives?


What is the monster truck used for?

Mostly monster truck shows.

Is thunderbolt a monster truck name?

No it is not a monster truck name

What is a double down in monster truck shows?

A double down is when a single driver wins both the racing and freestyle competition for the night.

Is Monster Truck racing a sport?

No it is not a sport because if you look in a dictionary, "sport" is described as something that requires skill or physical prowness.

What was the first monster truck to join monster jam?

monster trucks were invented in late 1970's by bob chandler and his monster truck Bigfoot were the first ones to use a monster truck

Who is the most famous Monster Truck driver in the world?

Many think its Dennis Anderson, in the "Grave Digger". Also there is Maximum Destruction, with Tom Meents. Both are top winners in monster Truck racing. But the most famous one for all time is Bigfoot.

How much do racing monster truck drivers make?

not that much think of it this way its probably ther Sid job so they mostly do it for fun

How much does a monster truck weigh?

A normal monster truck is about 12,000 pounds. It has to be at least 9,000 pounds to be considered a monster truck. If it's below that it's considered a truck.

When did Monster Truck Madness happen?

Monster Truck Madness happened in 1996.

How do you exterminate a monster buck?

Are you sure? A "monster truck?" Man, there is no way to kill a monster truck in real life. Anyone can edit this answer if they think there is a way to actually kill a monster truck.

What is the worlds famous monster truck?

Big Foot was the first famous monster truck. Today, the world's most famous monster truck is Grave Digger.

How big is a monster truck tire?

A monster truck tire is 66 inches tall.

How big is the biggest monster truck?

The biggest monster truck in the world is the bigfoot 5

How big are monster truck tires?

Standard monster truck tires are 66" in height.

How tall is the biggest monster truck?

The biggest monster truck is 15 feet tall.

How much do monster truck drivers cost to build a monster truck?

Around $200,000

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