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first of all, morning sickness is a little misleading. it doesn't always happen in the morning. and it is not the same every single day. sometimes you will feel nausious without puking, and other times you will puke. sometimes, something like a smell, or seeing a certain food, or taking even a drink of something, will cause you to feel nausious.

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Q: Is morning sickness the same every day?
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Do you always get morning sickness when you are pregnant?

I did. Most women start getting morning sickness around 5-6 weeks. I had it every day after the 5-week mark.

Does morning sickness happen every day during pregnancy?

Every pregnancy and woman is different. Some have it every day in the first trimester and others don't have it at all.

Can you tell if you're pregnant by how much vaginal mucus you secrete and do you have to have morning sickness every day or can it be every other day?

every women is different with morning sickness so dont think you should have to be like evryone else. somedays you may get it in the afternoon or night or morning if your really unlucky you will have it all day. some days you may feel better than others. and eventually this will fade completly.

Is it common to have morning sickness at night?

Morning sickness is a strange name for it, because it can happen at any time of the day.

How can you have morning sickness and not be preg?

Some people will wake up in the morning, and due to the fact that there is nothing on there stomach, or because of anxiety about the day ahead of them, can feel a bit nauseous. However, it is NOT the same feeling as a pregnant woman's morning sickness.

When you are pergant can you get morning sicknees at night?

Yes, Morning sickness can occur any time of the day. It is just called morning sickness, because most women generally get it in the morning.

What are signs of morning sickness?

Morning sickness could be nausea, stomach pain, sore breast, fatigue and others. It also can take place anytime of day, not just the morning.

Five weeks pregnant and experiencing nausea only at night. I realize that morning sickness can happen at any time of day but is it usually the same time?

yesin my personal experience and with my friends i'd say yes it is very common for morning sickness to happen at the same time every day. It will pass soon though, good luck :)

Can you have morning sickness as early as the first day of conception?


Is it possible to get morning sickness and spotting the day after conception?


Do most women have morning sickness?

A lot of women do experience morning sickness which is basically feeling nauseated. Don't let the name fool you its not just in the morning, it can happen anytime of the day.

Can morning sickness last all day long?


Can you experience morning sickness as early as one day after conception?


Can you get the morning sickness later in the day?

It can happen at any time of day. Morning just seems to be the most common time.

Can you have morning sickness and not throw up?

Absolutely. As a currently pregnant female, I can feel nauseous the whole day and not vomit once, or feel fine all day and randomly vomit. It is still morning sickness.

Can morning sickness only last a few days?

Typically associated with pregnancy, morning sickness can be regular or infrequent. It varies from person to person. Some people have it nearly every day of their pregnancy. Others have it only a few times. A (lucky) few never suffer from it.

Does morning sickness always accure in the morning?

No! Morning sickness does NOT always occur in the morning. A male named it that, probably after observing that a pregnant woman tends to have more nausea or illness after waking up. This is most likely because there is nothing in her stomach. So, although morning sickness CAN occur in the morning, it is also likely that it will occur throughout the day.

What type of morning sicknesses do women get when they find out their pregnant?

Morning sickness means you feel ill and throws up. Same as if you had the stomach flu. it can occur any time of the day or night.

Is morning an adjective?

No. It is a noun for a time of day. It can be used as a noun adjunct with other nouns (morning fog, morning sickness) but it is not an adjective.

You still have morning sickness that lasts all day long and you are 15 weeks pregnant Will it end?

It might. Some women have morning sickness all the way through their pregnancy

Does morning sickness come and go?

Yes, you don't necessarily have it every day, or even in the morning, many women don't have it at all some, have it in the evening and some allday. It usually goes in the second trimester.

Can you have morning sickness in the middle of the at 3 am?

Oh yeah. You can have morning sickness anytime of day. I have no idea why they call it MORNING sickness it should be pregnancy sickness. I'm 5 weeks preg on my 2nd child and I am nauseous all day everyday. But every single night I start feeling really sick around 2am and vomit by 3-330 every night like clock work. It was not this bad my 1st pregnancy. Some say it gets better some say it lasts the whole pregnancy. If it gets to bad tell ur doc they have meds to help it. I think I am going to. Good luck and hang in there.

What does it mean if I have hot flashes loss of appetite and an upset stomach without throwing up?

it could mean morning sickness which occurs during pregnancy morning sickness ocurs aroun6 to 8 weeks after conception, you can get morning sickness all through ou the day and it can consist of throwing up our not

When your pregnant when do yu start to vomit?

You can start having morning sickness the day after you are pregnant.

Can you get morning sickness the day after conception?

No, that is too early. The earliest you might experience morning sickness is 2 weeks after sex, however for most women, they do not experience it until 4-6 weeks after sex.