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Is mouthwash important for your teeth?

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This is what the ADA says: While some study results indicate the use of a mouth rinse can be as effective as flossing for reducing plaque between the teeth, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing twice a day and cleaning between the teeth with floss or interdental cleaners once each day to remove plaque from all tooth surfaces. Plaque is responsible for both tooth decay and gum disease. Regarding the studies, the authors concluded that in patients with mild to moderate gingivitis (early gum disease), rinsing twice a day with the antiseptic mouth rinse was as effective as flossing for reducing plaque and gingivitis between the teeth. The studies did not examine whether the mouth rinse had the same effect as floss on reducing tooth decay or periodontitis (advanced gum disease).

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Do you use mouthwash before or after brushing your teeth?

It is recommended that mouthwash be used after brushing your teeth.

Is it bad to brush your teeth with mouthwash instead of toothpaste?

Well, not really. I brush my teeth with Biotene Mouthwash, the i wash my mouth with Act Anticavity Mouthwash. Hope this helps! :)

What is the most important way to prevent dental disease?

brush your teeth! brush your teeth! and floss! dont forget to floss! and rinse with mouthwash! dont forget the mouthwash! and how about that toothpaste! make sure you brush after EVERY MEAL!

What effect does mouthwash have on your teeth?

making them cleaner

Do you use mouthwash before or after you brush your teeth?

Usually after. You brush your teeth to get rid of the things that your brush can reach, and then mouthwash to get to smaller crevices and to freshen your breath.

Is mouthwash a good idea to use for oral health?

Mouthwash is a good addition to brushing teeth for dental health. The mouthwash soaks the mouth and goes in between teeth, killing some bacteria the toothbrush missed.

What mouthwash should you use?

Depends what your teeth are like.

What is mouthwash used for?

mouthwash is used to wash mouth to protect from germs or bacteria, fresh breathing and for care of your teeth.

If i brush my teeth once a day really good and use mouthwash at night what will happen when i get my braces off?

If you brush your teeth once in a day and use mouthwash at night, your teeth will be really good when you get your braces off.

If you brush your teeth in the morning and mouthwash at night will that wear out your enamel?

No, it is normal to brush your teeth twice a day then floss, followed by rinsing your mouth with mouthwash. It will not cause wear on the enamel.

Name a type of product that comes in a teeth whitening formula?

toothpaste gum mouthwash teeth strips

Can you use listerine mouthwash after getting wisdom teeth are taken out?


How can the chances off tooth decay be reduced?

Brush your teeth or mouthwash buddy

Why is it important to rinse your mouth with mouthwash?

To get the bacteria out.

What are the advantages of using mouthwash?

There are many advantages to using mouthwash. For instance, mouthwash helps to protect teeth and gums against gingivitis. Additionally, mouth wash gives a person fresh breath. If the mouthwash contains an anti-septic, then it also kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Can mouthwash damage your teeth?

I do not believe mouthwash can physically do harm to you teeth if used properly. Overuse of certain types of mouthwash can be irritating to your gums and certain dyes used may stain your teeth with overuse. If used too frequently, anti-bacterial mouthwashes could also destroy the good bacteria in your mouth that are responsible for keeping it healthy. But as far as physical, direct tooth damage, no.

Do you need to rinse your mouth with water after you use mouthwash?

It would not be advised to rinse your mouth after using mouthwash. It depends largely, however, on the actual mouthwash. With mouthwash that only blitzes bacteria, it wouldn't make much difference if you wash it out or not, though for all intents and purposes, you shouldn't because you should want to retain the breath-freshening properties it holds. If the mouthwash is also one that re-mineralises the enamel, rinsing certainly would not be advisable because you should want to retain the chemicals on your teeth so that they can restore your teeth to good health. If, however, you experience your mouth drying up or your breath smelling (bad), you should consider rinsing, or stopping using altogether. Always brush you teeth no matter what as this is a very effective way, especially if used in conjunction with mouthwash, to clean your teeth. However, unless you are experiencing problems with the mouthwash, don't rinse.

Why do you use tooth paste when you brush your teeth?

Because they really haven't created anything else to clean your teeth besides mouthwash

How do you make teeth white quickly?

crest 3D white mouthwash works good for me !

How do you treat mouth odor?

Brush your teeth, eat mints, use mouthwash etc.

How can you look after your teeth gums and mouth?

Floss, brush your teeth four times a day (in the morning, after breakfast, after lunch, at bed.) Wash with mouthwash, and brush behind teeth.

How bad can teeth get?

They go green and then fall out! Or sometimes they go black. It is ESSENTIAL that you brush your teeth thoroughly 2 times a day and with mouthwash.

Does drinking water work in a swab test for marijuana?

no brush your teeth alot and gargle with mouthwash

How do you get a whiter teeth?

Brush, floss, and use mouthwash regularly. You can also try whitening products.

Role of chlorhexidine gluconate in mouthwash?

it is as an anti bacterial & dis disinfectant which can help you to have clean teeth