Is mutilating yourself and other severe self-harm like an addiction and if so how can you stop it for good?


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Yes, mutilating yourself and others is a severe self-harm just like addiction. You can seek professional advice from the counselors to stop it for good.

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There is always a way to quit an addiction. For the more severe drugs, rehab sometimes works. If it is a more serious drug and you find a way to get off it by yourself than you are one in a million. Lesser drugs you should be able to get off of yourself with slight help.

Because of a severe drug addiction.

Only if you can prove in the courts that her addiction is harmful and is causing severe neglect to her children.

To treat alcohol addiction, one must undergo an alcohol detox program that will cleanse an addict from alcohol residues. Alcohol addiction has a painful withdrawals especially when addiction is already severe. Alcohol drug rehab is necessary to fully recover from addiction.

Really severe that you are unable to leave your bed and care for yourself.

This depends on how severe your addiction to alcoholism is. But the safest would be 3 months.

People are called alcoholics when they have a severe addiction for alcohol such as beer, liquor, ect.

A cannabis addiction is mostly a psychological addiction. To my knowledge, there are no 12-steps for cannabis or anything like that, but if there were any programmes, they would most likely be set up in the same way a nicotine programme would be set up, though the physical addiction is far less severe.

'Indolence' is defined as severe addiction to rest or pleasure causing one to be averse to work or exertion.

In less severe addictions tapering off could work but if it's severe, rehab may be needed. See an addiction psychiatrist. Or do what did, suffer with withdrawal for four days and get on with your life.

Severe drug addiction is a very serious illness. When not treated, drugs/substance abuse can cause violence and even fatalities. Transitional plan in drug addiction can refer to the changes in a man's personality and behavior from being a normal person until he/she becomes a drug dependent.

moderate to severe drug addiction. unrelated, the hair loss is due to sh¡tty genes.

Substance abuse can be treated through behavioral therapy, medication or a combination of both for best results. Out-patient treatment is available, as is residential, for a more intensified treatment in the case of more severe addiction issues.

An Opiate addiction. Symptoms of a drug detox are flu-like yet can be much worse. Hallucinations, cold and hot flashes, severe diarrhea, cramps can all be associated with the withdraw. If you are experiencing these symptoms it is best if you call or go to a hospital immediately.

There are a couple of scenarios that come to mind. One is when you are given drugs for an addiction to other drugs. Someone may start out addicted to heroin and end up addicted to methadone from the clinic. Another situation is when someone has severe pain and they get addicted to narcotic pain medication.

Severe pain in both arms can be caused by a number of things. It could simply be from over exerting yourself. Visit a doctor if it's unbearable.

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You have cut yourself while working on your vehicle. If severe, get medical attention immediately.

Usually if a person is addicted to food they will also be extremely overweight. The person will also usually deny that they have a problem. It is important to try and get help right away if you know someone suffering from a food addiction because it could lead to severe health problems.

At a rehabilitation center designed to help drug abusers get back on track and detoxify. Detox can take months and it all depends on how severe the addiction is.

Observe the person's speech and movement, reaction time, level of inhibition, and the smell of breath if it is alcohol intoxication you are considering. It is usually obvious, but some people whose addiction is more severe have a higher tolerance for alcohol. A higher tolerance is a PROBLEM, not an indication that a person is immune to addiction.

Caffeine addiction shares some features in common with other addictive drugs, but the withdrawal symptoms tend to be much milder. The worst of the symptoms, for most people, are over after a few days. Symptoms include fatigue, irritability, and trouble concentrating, and they are usually not severe, although their intensity varies widely from one person to another, and based on the amount of caffeine consumed. Caffeine addiction tends to be orders of magnitude weaker (and easier to overcome) than addiction to hard drugs such as cocaine.

Codependency could be considered addiction to another person. In severe cases, it seems that the Codependant becomes obsessed with checking up on the other persons behavior and attempting to control it. Codependants can lose their sense of self with the attention focused elsewhere and feel like a failure because the attempts to control rarely succeed.

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