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Sure, I would think so, make sure and explain all the details to your agent or policy services to make sure you aren't paying 'double' for her.

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Q: Is my daughter still able to be on my policy if she lives at home but is the co-owner of a new leased vehicle?
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Can you drive your friends leased car on your fully comp insurance?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. You cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own on your insurance policy no matter what kind of coverage you have. Your insurance policy will not pay anything even if you have added the vehicle on your policy without their knowledge.

If you are the primary driver of a leased vehicle in your parent's name who lives at a separate address can you insure the vehicle under your own policy at your address instead of theirs?


When leaseing a vehicle would your non-owned insurance coverage come into play on the leased vehicle?

depends on your definition of lease........if you rent a car to go on vacation for a week or so.....that is a ''temp replacement vehicle'' and would be covered.....non owned auto means, you have ins. on your vehicle you borrow mine that is uninsured for whatever reason, or just has liability but your vehicle has 'full coverage' you get in accident driving my uninsured vehicle.....(if no coverage on my vehicle now only)......then your policy will kick in.......a leased vehicle needs to have it's own policy just as if you purchased a new vehicle

If you are the primary insured driver of a leased vehicle what additional coverage do you need for one extra driver?

The extra driver needs to be added onto the insurance policy. Having someone drive a vehicle and not having them on the policy can be a large problem if an accident were to happen.

Your daughter received a DUI while driving the family vehicle Can the insurance company drop us if we take her off your policy?

You will have to sign an official exclusion document for your policy to be safe. Be aware though that when you do this you can not under any circumstance let your daughter drive any vehicle on your policy while that exclusion is in effect.

Will your daughter need to be in your policy when she is visiting and driving your car?

no. as long as she is qualified as a permissive user of that vehicle.

Can your daughter drive your car if she is not insured on your policy or any policy of her own?

Yes, as long as she has a drivers license. You are the name insured on your policy all other legal drivers are allowed to drive your vehicle as an occasional driver.

Can you cancel A vehicle in policy?

Sure you can. If you sell a vehicle or it is no longer operable for whatever reason you can delete the vehicle from the policy. You just contact your agent or company and they will assist you in taking the vehicle off the policy.

Will insurance rates increase if 18 yr old daughter on parents' policy lets uninsured boyfriend drive her parents car and he has an accident?

yes, if your daughter had your permission to drive then gave her permission for boyfriend to drive, then he is an insured driver under the policy.....coverage/policy stays with the vehicle, meaning your policy will pay (assuming he was at fault)...and thus be affected by this accident........

Your adult daughter has auto insurance and is gifting you her car you have a car and insurance She lives with you Do you have to put her on your insurance policy?

As long as she has her own policy on her own, it would not affect your insurance in the sense of premium or the need to have her insured on your policy. However, most auto insurance company want to have her listed as a driver in the household since she lives with you. The policy actually follow the vehicle and not the driver. If she was to drive this vehicle and get into an accident, your policy would be the primary and her policy would be secondary.

Can my policy cover my parents car?

The vehicle owner should have a policy on the vehicle. If you are an occasional permissive driver of their vehicle there would likely be coverage.

If your 21 year old daughter caused an accident minor damage title of vehicle in her own name but parents are listed as policy holders on this vehicle - are the parents liable in case of a lawsuit?

If there is a lawsuit, they will name the owner of the vehicle, your insurance company would more than likely represent you/your daughter. I do not think you can be held liable personally.

Who's liable for 29 year old daughter who owns her own car but is on family insurance?

The owner of the vehicle please the people on the insurance policy are liable.

Can you insure a car that is not mime and has no other insurance policy on it?

You cannot insure a vehicle that is not yours. Whether or not it has current insurance on it does not matter but the fact that it is not titled to you does make a serious difference. An insurance application together with the policy make up a legal and binding contract and it states in the policy that you must own the vehicle or have an insurable interest. In a situation where you lease the vehicle does give you insurable interest and allows you to insure a leased vehicle even though it is titled to the name of the bank or finance company who leases it to you. In one example where a problem would arise lets say that you have physical damage coverage on a policy and it a tree thereby causing a total loss to the vehicle. The insurance company cannot legally pay you for the vehicle because it is not titled to you and they cannot pay the bank or finance company because they do not have an insurance contract with then to insure the vehicle. This is just one example.

Can our nonresident daughter's car be included on our policy if the car is in your wife's name?

This happens alot, some companies will allow this, others will not, contact your agent or policy services and let them know that your daughter and the vehicle live at a different residence.

Can you put your 20 year old daughter on your car insurance if the loan is under her name?

As long as she still lives in your household then yes you can add her to your policy. You need to make sure that she is listed as a driver on your policy and you may put her vehicle on there as well.

I bought a 2007 impala for my daughter in my name. I never drive the car. I want insurance on the car in my daughter's name.?

Contact your agent or policy services dept for the insurance company you have, they will be able to help you if the vehicle is in your name your daughter can be listed as the principle driver, you will likely be on the policy as the owner of course, there shouldn't be any problems.

Can you be added to anybodyies auto insurance?

You may be added to someone else's policy as a driver if you operate their vehicle. You cannot put a vehicle titled in your name on someone elses policy. The vehicle must be insured in the name of the person who owns the policy.

If a vehicle has no insurance but you have fully comprehensive cover on another vehicle is the non insured vehicle covered to be driven?

If it's your vehicle then no. You have to add the other vehicle to your policy, otherwise it is not a covered vehicle. If it's a temporary replacement vehicle then coverage may be afforded under your own auto insurance policy.

Who is responsible for insurance deductible in an accident of commercial vehicle?

The Company who owns the vehicle would be responsible for deductibles listed on the policy their own policy.

Can you add your roommate on your car insurance?

You can add your roommate to your auto policy as a driver but you cannot add their vehicle to your policy. You cannot insure a vehicle you do not own and since you have no legal relationship with a roommate you cannot add a vehicle they own to your policy. You do have an obligation to add them as a driver on your policy if they ever drive your car.

Who is repsonsible if someone you did not give permission and does not have a license causes an accident my daughter who is listed on my policy did give permission?

You are still responsible for her and her decisions Legally the owner of the vehicle is going to be held liable.

What do you do with your auto insurance when you sell the auto?

You need to call your insurance company to remove the vehicle from your policy. If you are getting a new vehicle, you need to add that vehicle on. If you are not getting a new vehicle, the insurance company will send you a check for whatever amount of money you had left on the policy that was not earned because you did not have the policy for the full term.

Can your kids drive your vehicle if they are not on the insurance policy?


Can a daughter be insured under her dad's policy and drive her mother's car that lives in a different household?

Insurance is attached to the car, not just the person who pays the premiums. So, dad's insurance covers him to drive his Lexis, and mom's insurance covers her to drive her SUV. If mom borrows dad's car, she is covered under his AUTO policy--it is the auto that carries the coverage, not just the driver of the auto. If dad borrows a friend's truck, he is covered under his friend's policy. Of course, if a driver of a borrowed vehicle has an accident, the Insurance Company can try to go after the actual driver or their insurance carrier after they cover their own insured customer. But it is still a policy carried on a vehicle under the insured's name. So, your daughter needs to be on the policy for the vehicle you have insured, if she'll be driving it. OR, your vehicleneeds to be on dad's policy, and you and she would be named as drivers dad approves to 'borrow' the vehicle.Make it simple. Just put her on your policy. Ask dad to contribute payment toward the premium to have her on your policy. BUT don't rely on someone else's word to pay in part or in full-- if it isn't paid, you will suffer the consequences.