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Is my heater core defective if the inside of my car's windshield fogs up and I get a funny smell whenever I turn on the heater?

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Yes. That smell is the coolant being blown into the air ducts. You might also notice a slimy film on the the glass that is very difficult to clean.

2006-08-23 02:29:50
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Why do you have misting on inside of your windshield when the defogger is on?

Could be the heater core.

Why do you get a glaze flim on the inside windshield when heat is on?

The heater core is leaking coolant.

How do stop antifreeze from blowing on the inside of windshield?

Sounds like heater core is leaking, replace heater core or bypass

What would be the cause of a film on the windshield when defroster is on after you had a new radiator put in?

Most likely a film on the inside of a windshield is caused by an engine coolant leak within the heater core.

Will the thermostat in 1996 grand am keep the heater from warming the inside of the vehicle if it is defective?


Can't defrost my windshield?

The fastest way to defrost a windshield is to turn the defrost vent on without heat or simply open the windows. Another option is to warm the inside of the car by turning the heater on.

Have a 1981 ford futura and the heater core is new but the heat does not work in the car the blower just blows cold outside air the hoses going to the heater core get hotWhy no heat inside?

Defective heater temperature control valve.

Why does your ac come on when you turn on the heater on your car?

The AC takes the moisture out of the cabin air and that helps clear the inside of the windshield from moisture faster.

Why do you have condensation on the inside of your ford truck?

if there is condensation on the inside of your windshield you can probably smell coolant as well. this is caused by a leaking heater core located behind the glove box in the evaporator case.

What are the signs of heater core going out in 98 s10?

Finding coolant on the passengers side floor. Turning on the defroster and the inside of the windshield fogs up. Sweet smell of coolant inside vehicle.

What causes water inside the passenger side of a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe?

Either the heater core is leaking, the windshield is leaking, or there is a leak around the cowl. If the water tastes sweet it is a leaking heater core.

Why would the windshield wipers shut off in the up position on your '94 Lincoln Town Car?

The parking switch inside of the wiper motor is defective. Replace the wiper motor.

I get steam or condensation on my inside window when driving down the road. I have had Nissan check the Heater Core. They said the Heater Core is ok and did not fail the pressure test. What else to do?

Check inside the engine near your windshield if the water drainage holes are open

How do you reattach the windshield wipers back on?

Why are there windshield wipers inside the car?

Why is my 1995 Saturn leaking coolant inside of my car which causes it to over heat why is that?

It could be that you have a leaking heater core, which resides inside your car. Another give-away for a leaking core would be a sweet smell inside the car and/or a sticky residue on the inside of your windshield.

How do you tell if the heater core is leaking on 1980 Chevy 350?

They usaually fog up the inside of the windshield when defrost is used, soak the pass side floor with coolant and smell of anti freeze when operating heater in any mode.

How do you order a replacement part for the windshield tranny inside the engine?

Windshield tranny inside the engine????? The windshield has nothing to do with the transmission, and they for sure are not inside the engine. But, I will say, go to your local Auto Parts Store. They can help you.

Why I get a Smell of antifreeze with the heat in my Honda accord 1991?

watch your coolant level because antifreeze is probably leaking in your heater core, another indication of leaking heater core is greasy film on inside of your windshield and it makes it hard to defrost.

What is the smoke coming from the air vents on a 1991 Ford Tempo?

Does the smoke smell sweet, does it leave a film on the inside of you windshield? If so, you have a leaking heater-core. $30.00 part.

2002 Chevy Avalanche Windshield fogs up from inside vehicle and bad odor?

You most likely have a leaking heater core, check you coolant level first while the truck is cool........

Where is the Windshield Washer Pump on 2006 Subaru Impreza?

It should be inside the windshield washer fluid tank

How can you stop water coming inside windshield of a 1994 gran cherooke Laredo?

Have the windshield removed and retapped.

How do you now when a heater core is bad?

Heater core will usually leak. Check the floor under the dash & near the firewall. You will smell anti-freeze/ coolant inside your truck/car. Inside windshield will fog up & there will be an oily film on the glass. On some cars there is a drain tube that goes out thru the firewall to keep the coolant from leaking inside ( 95 Gran AM GT for one) Look for that tube near the heater hoses at the firewall in the engine compartment but make sure the coolant is coming from the drain hose & not the heater hoses

What does it mean when antifreeze is leaking in a Chrysler Concorde?

If it is leaking inside the car, the heater core has failed.If it is leaking inside the car, the heater core has failed.

1990 Dodge Spirit's heater core was replaced due to no heat and now the inside of the windows fog up only when using the heater during precipitation also the air only flows to windshield floor mode?

sounds like you still have a leak drive safe